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How Does Dropshipping Work

Introduction To Drop Shipping

There are many things to consider when you open a retail store, but among the most important considerations, you must decide if you want to store inventory or attain a wholesale distributor. If you choose to store inventory, you must purchase products in bulk, store, unpack and ship them to buyers of your products. However, by choosing a wholesale distributor, you can contract the process of storing, packing and shipping to a drop ship provider. A drop ship provider is also identified as direct fulfillment, but both terms can be used to describe the same service.

Lucrative Business Model

This drop ship business can be lucrative, because a distributor will provide you with products at wholesale that can be marked up and sold to potential consumers. These products can be purchased and shipped from the wholesaler directly to the customer, which can leave you without the added burden of packing and shipping actual products. Your only goal is to simply generate sales. This drop ship business plan can be extremely lucrative if implemented properly. Keeping inventory in-store can be incredibly expensive and unnecessary for most businesses. Creating a drop ship business will give you the freedom and flexibility to focus all your efforts into generating sales and increasing your marketing reach. A drop ship wholesale provider can worry about all the intricate details associated with packing and shipping your products, while you simply focus on making sales.

Research And Choose Reputable Drop Ship Distributor

Once you have decided to become a drop ship business, you must begin the process of selecting a reputable and trusted wholesale distributer. Making the wrong choice can impact your business in every facet. Many websites give false distribution information and make claims that are not correct, so you must chose only a reputable drop ship company that you can trust to ship your products without incident.

Once you have found a potential wholesale distribute, the real research begins. You must verify their information and services. It is important to be aware of the products that they make available for resell and research to ensure that the prices of the products leave room for a profit margin. Not only do you want to find a reputable wholesale distributor, but you also want to find a company that allows you to be as profitable as possible with the sales you generate.

Where Do You Begin?

If the drop ship business sounds like the best option for you, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is a step by step guide that you can follow to make the process more manageable:

  • Fill out a reseller application that can be accessed through different online sites of wholesale drop ship distributors.
  • In order to submit a reseller application, you must have some information available. This includes presenting your reseller tax ID and your business bank account number, which will be verified for accuracy. Reputable wholesale providers will only partner with legitimate and legal businesses, so if this information is not required you should not go forward with that distributor.
  • Once the reseller application is submitted, the qualification process can range in duration between days or weeks. Once you have been accepted as a reseller, you will be assigned to a sales representative that will handle all issues regarding drop ship services that are provided.

What Happens Next?

Once you have found your wholesale distributor, the difficult part of your drop ship business has been completed. Now you simply have to select the products that you wish to make available in your ecommerce outlets. It is suggested that you have an established business pan to follow, which identifies the marketing strategies you want to use and the locations that you want to make your products accessible. You need to market products effectively to generate sales. This can be achieved by obtaining images, product descriptions and any other information that is vital to the marketing and selling of your products.

How Do You Buy Wholesale Products And Resell Them For Profit?

Once your ecommerce store is up and running the actual buying and selling of products can begin. On your ecommerce site, you will be able to accept payments for products that are purchased. This payment will include retail costs of the product and an added fee for shipping. You do not move forward with the drop ship aspect of products until payment has been received. Once payment has been obtained, you place an order directly with the distributor. You will then be assessed a fee for the cost of the item and for the shipment of the product directly to the customer.

That is how simple and easy it is to run a drop ship business. You make products accessible online and the consumer purchases them from you. You immediately make a profit with little effort or cost involved. Keeping inventory in-store can be incredibly expensive and unnecessary for most businesses. Creating a drop ship business will give you the freedom and flexibility to focus all your efforts into generating sales and increasing your profits without having to worry about packing or shipping products. A drop ship business is simple and easy to run.

Selling Drop Ship Products Requires Effort

Although running a drop ship business removes the added stresses of storing and shipping inventory, this type of business still requires persistence and en effective business plan. You must be able to generate sales and market your products to ensure that your business is lucrative. There will be enough profit margin to make your business profitable, but you have to make consistent sales. This involves having excellent customer service practices and building partnership relations with other businesses that can assist you with selling your products.

A drop ship business is much easier to manage, but you must develop a marketing plan that can be implemented to attract customers. The products are available to you, but you must complete the difficult task of selling them over and over again.

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