The Simplest Solution to Dropship on Magento

Start your dropshipping journey with Adobe Magento platform today with an inclusion of thousands of products from 100+ suppliers.

Choose products
Customize your feed
Import products
Process orders & keep the profit
Choose products

Search and choose dropship-ready products that best fit your niche(s) using multiple search filters and narrowing options to choose from, and add them to your list.

Customize your feed

Create your own unique list of products, apply global markups, optionally remap categories to process automatic feed generation.

Import products in bulk

Within 1 business day, you'll get an email with the feed's download link. Use that link for adding products to your Magento store.

Process your orders and keep the profits

Buyers will pay you directly the selling prices. Using Wholesale2B dashboard, place orders for your customers and we'd take over the shipping hassles for you. You pay us the wholesale order and you keep the difference as your profit.

Hand-tailored for Magento Open Source & Magento Commerce alike

On top of everything, you do not need to know any kind of API creation or coding knowledge to integrate Wholesale2B with Adobe Magento.

Simply download a CSV file containing thousands of products with the images, descriptions, and other required information and import it, that's it!

  • The feed is refreshed and generated daily for up-to-date inventory
  • Contains original HD Images for easy import
  • Choose from 100+ dropshipping suppliers & 1 million products
  • 100% white-labeled, oblivious to your customers
  • Get Started Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento Dropshipping App

No, it is not. We only provide you with the URL to your feed. After that, you need to download your feed file as often as you wish and re-import it to your website.
Yes. The CSV in the feed URL is recreated with updated information everyday. This includes updating the inventory status and quantity in stock for each product as well as removing discontinued items.
Yes. You can configure markups per supplier basis to have control over the prices. Moreover, you may adjust the prices further by overwriting the price if marked-up price for any item does not fit your needs.
No, you do not need to do that. You may use the feed with Magento Open Source platform directly.
No, there isn't, unless you could write some code to do it. However, the daily automated updates is provided with our website plan. In this case we update the website for you automatically every day. You may take a look at the plan.

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