Create your list Import it to your store Wait for orders to come in Place orders with 1 click


Just turn ON your list and watch your store & social media get loaded with products

Import thousands of dropship products to your store

With our App you can load thousands of products from over 100 drop shippers that can ship products directly to your customers on your behalf. All you need is an online store powered by ECWID.


Ecwid offers a quick way to start selling from your existing website. Ecwid can be added anywhere you wish to sell including your own online store and many social media channels and mobile devices.

Just install our App from your ECWID admin and let our App synch thousands of products with your ECWID store. We have over 1 MILLION dropship products from over 100 suppliers to choose from.

Products will be loaded automatically and inventory will be updated daily. You won't have to worry about importing files manually every day to keep your products up to date.

All this will be done automatically for you.
Import products to your ECWID store

ECWID import tool

You are in control of the products you choose...

Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items
Control the shipping costs with global markups
Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique
View your estimated profit/losses
Process orders with just 1 click - no manual input required
Tracking codes are sent back to your Ecwid store automatically
Daily updates are sent to your store every day
Out of stock items are automatically updated for you
Add or remove products from your list anytime you want
Remove products in bulk based on price range

Work less with our powerful set of automated features...

  • Our App will handle daily inventory updates straight to your store

  • Our App will import orders from your store automatically into your Wholesale2b account so you can process them with just 1 click

  • Our App will let you process your orders with Just 1 click with no manual input. Just click on 1 button and let our team handle the orders with the suppliers for you

  • Our App will send the tracking codes back to your store as soon as your order is shipped to your customer


ECWID dropship App

Enjoy a 7 days free trial with our App

Enjoy a 7 days free trial with our App

Install our App in your store admin and start using it immediately for a full 7 days for free, with no obligations

Uninstall our App anytime you wish within the 7 days trial period if you wish to avoid a charge

The billing for our App will start after the 7 days free trial is over only if you have not uninstalled the App

First signup for a free account at Wholesale2b by clicking the GET STARTED button at the top of this page

Then login to your store admin and install our App by clicking on the blue INSTALL button located on our App Page

Most Common Questions About Our App

Yes we do include the product images. They will be imported to your store along with the product names, descriptions, categories, prices, etc.

Yes. Every products on your list will be kept in synch with your store so any inventory changes will also be updated on your store. Furthermore any changes you make to your list will also be pushed to your online store automatically. This includes quantity in stock, pricing, name changes, removal of products, etc.

Yes, you can. You can edit the item names and descriptions directly from your list. This is a great way of making the items unique on your site which will help get better SEO.

Please note that all changes need to be done direclty on your list because your list is considered as the main source.

During the free trial you can only add up to 10 items however you can increase this limit to 10,000 by activating the plan immediately instead of waiting for the 7 days free trial to end.

Once the plan is active, we allow up to 10,000 per list however you can increase this limit. The cost is only $10/month to increase your limit by another 10,000 items. You can get this upgrade as often as you want to further increase your product count.

Yes you do. The monthy charge for our App does not include the store. Our ECWID App requires that you already have a store with ECWID and will be charged separately.

The billing for our ECWID App will be handled by Wholesale2b. After your free trial is over, we will charge you the monthly fee.

No you do not need to manually input tracking codes. Once your order is shipped, we will send the tracking code back to your store automatically and your order will be marked as shipped. This will be done automaitcally for you.

No you don't have to manually input your orders. Your orders will automatically be imported into your Wholesale2b account. You simply need to click on the ORDER NOW link located next to each new pending order.

Please make sure that you do not change the status of your orders. You must let our sytem change the status for you. When you get a new order you simply need to about until it is imported into your Wholesale2b account, and click on the ORDER NOW link to complete the wholesale payment. New orders are usually imported every 3 hours.

Tracking codes are provided by the suppliers so the timeframe may vary for each supplier. Some suppliers are quicker than other however on average you can expect to get the tracking codes between 1 to 2 business days.

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