Wholesale2b dropship on Amazon plan

Dropship On Amazon Plan

Amazon is an internet retail GIANT so why not use them to reach Millions of customers without spending a dime on marketing.


Create Your List

From one single account, browse thousands of products with validated UPC/ASIN and pick the items you wish to sell.


Import Your List

Configure your selling prices with global markups, and import your list to your Amazon store in bulk. Then wait for sales to come in.


Make Sales

Amazon will collect the payment from the buyer and will deposit your profit into your bank account after the order is shipped.


Process Orders

No manual input. Process orders with 1 click. You pay us and we handle the order with the suppliers for you. It's as simple as that.

Keep It Simple With Wholesale2b Amazon Plan.

Our Dropship Amazon Plan will import thousands of products, and will automate the inventory updates. We will also send the tracking codes back to your Amazon account automatically right after your order is shipped.
  • Control the selling prices using global markups.
  • View your estimated profit/losses including all fees.
  • Process orders with just 1 click (no other action required).
  • Tracking codes are sent back to your Amazon account automatically.
  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you.
Keep is simple with Amazon dropshipping
increase your sales by dropshipping on Amazon
dropship from the supplier warehouse straight to your buyer

Sell Dropship Products On Amazon On Autopilot

Push items to Amazon Wait for sales to come in You pay us wholesale We handle the shipping Amazon deposits the profit in your bank account

Now you can sell tons of products on Amazon without any manual datafeeds and without dealing with any suppliers! Just browse over 1 Million dropship products and create a list of items you wish to sell. Then set your prices with global markups and push your list in bulk to your Amazon store with just 1 click. Then wait for orders to come in... It's really that easy!

We tested our Amazon Dropship Plan to see if it would yield any results. We picked random categories and submitted a few thousand items.
In 2 months only we generated $5,175.47 in gross sales.

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We Offer Two Payment Plans

Choose the Yearly Plan and save 40%

Monthly Amazon Plan

Pay Monthly
$ 37 .99 /Month
  • Verified products with UPC/ASIN
  • Push up to 10,000 items in bulk
  • Works with Amazon USA, Canada
  • Automated inventory updates
  • Unlimited orders
  • Process orders with 1 click, 3% fee
  • Tracking codes pushed to Amazon

Yearly Amazon Plan

Pay Yearly And SAVE 40%
$ 287 .99 /Year
  • Verified products with UPC/ASIN
  • Push up to 10,000 items in bulk
  • Works with Amazon USA, Canada
  • Automated inventory updates
  • Unlimited orders
  • Process orders with 1 click, 3% fee
  • Tracking codes pushed to Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Dropship Plan

Amazon will capture the payments from your buyers for you. Once you have processed the order and once the tracking code is provided to Amazon, they will deposit your profits into your Bank account.

When you first sign up for a Professional Amazon Seller account, you will be guided on how to link your account with your Bank so Amazon can deposit your profits.

One of the main advantages of our Amazon Dropship Plan is that we automate the import of tracking codes to your Amazon account. This means that tracking codes will be sent to your Amazon account as soon as they are provided by the supplier, thus you will avoid any delays.

As you know Amazon is very rigorous when it comes to shipping on time, so this feature will certainly help you keep Amazon happy at all time.

You will need to sign up for a Professional Amazon Seller account.

You can signup for a professional amazon seller account using the URL below.


Yes absolutely. You will be able to control the prices of items on your list with a global markup or by changing prices of items individually.

You will also be able to choose from various markup methods so you can fine tune the prices as you wish.

We will help you with each return request. You simply need to inform us of the order number and the reason for the return. We will also need to know if your buyer wants a refund or if your buyer prefers to return the item for an exchange.

Our team will then contact the supplier to get a RMA number along with the return address which we will pass on to you. You can then inform your Amazon buyer to follow the same instructions and a refund will be issued as per the supplier return policy once the item is received at their warehouse.

Once you have setup your markups and made changes to your prices, you will be able to see your estimated profits in your main list. You will also be able to sort your list by profit and apply bulk changes to fine tune your selling prices to meet your profit goals.

This feature is great because you will immediately see which items will yield positive profits and which ones will yield negative profits, in which case you can make an immediate change on those prices to address the issue.

Currently our Amazon plan is for USA and Canada Amazon accounts only, so with this plan you will only be able to sell in the USA and Canada. We can help you with orders in the USA and Canada. If you want to ship to other countries you will need to process your orders directly with the suppliers.
Not all our integrated suppliers provide UPC codes, which are required in order to find products on Amazon. When you sell on Amazon you can only pick products from our list of suppliers that have UPC codes. This is the reason why not all items are available, however you can easily browse products by Amazon products only so you can quickly narrow down the products with UPC codes only.

UPC codes are universal code numbers used throughout the marketplaces however Amazon uses its own internal item numbers referred to as ASIN numbers. Amazon will try to match the UPC codes of your imported products to its own database of products to locate the corresponding ASIN number which is then used to display the item name and image. Occasionally Amazon will mismatch the UPC with the wrong ASIN number which can results in problems with pricing.

To fix this issue Wholesale2b will pre-validate many of the items for Amazon by assigning the correct ASIN numbers to each item

Wholesale2b does not inflate the prices in any way. We pass on the exact same wholesale prices as given by each of our integrated suppliers.
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