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Reach buyers without managing an inventory. Utilize the power of Facebook Marketplace by dropshipping from thousands of products.

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Dropship On Facebook
Marketplace & Shop

Reach buyers without managing an inventory. Utilize the power of Facebook Marketplace by dropshipping from thousands of products.


Select Products

Make a list of your most favored dropship-ready products from over 100 suppliers. Multiple niche or not, you can choose without limits.


Get Feed URL

Select a domain of your choice for feed generation to process and get your unique and automated product feed URL within 1 business day.


Start Selling

Add the feed URL to your Facebook account and let the products get live in the Marketplace. The inventory status would be auto-updated daily from our end.


Order with Us

Use your Wholesale2B dashboard to place orders of your customers. We'll take care of the shipping and send the order tracking codes back to you.

Reach buyers on Facebook where they're already browsing products

Facebook, the biggest social media giant around the globe, boasts over 2.6 billion active users per month.

And to take benefit of such a large crowd, Facebook newly rolled out its Marketplace feature, where everyone can sell their products without any worries. That's awesome, isn't it?

And to make this process profitable for you, Wholesale2B provides you with automated feed URLs with thousands of dropship-ready products to choose from that can be imported automatically into your Facebook Marketplace account, so you can start selling right away!
Increase Your Facebook Business Overnight
Increase Your Bonanza Business Overnight

Provide fast answers with real-time messaging.

Facebook Marketplace takes care of one of the biggest concerns that your customers might have: the possibility of one-on-one talk with you.

Here's when the option to message you via Facebook Messenger can prove to be helpful in making sales quicker than ever, better than on any other platform.

Plus, it's an added benefit that connecting with customers would make them repeat their orders with you, keeping the profits coming in for a long time.

What more? Well, you do not need to worry about your inventory, as our Facebook integration will automatically update the stock status for you, leaving you with lots of time to make sales.

Reach More Customers & Sell More Products with Facebook Shop

Facebook Shops is a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free.
In Facebook Shops, you'll be able to connect with customers through WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to answer questions, offer support and more.
People can find your Shop on your business’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile, or discover them through stories or ads.

So, why wait? Start your dropshipping journey with Facebook Markeplace today!

Why dropship on the Facebook Marketplace?

If you're looking for a profitable online business, then dropshipping is the way to go. And if you want to maximize your potential profits, then you should consider dropshipping on Facebook. Here's why:

First, Facebook has over 2 billion active users. That's a massive audience that you can tap into. By dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace, you'll be able to promote your products directly to a large, engaged audience. This means more potential customers and more sales.

Second, Facebook is an incredibly versatile platform. You can leverage the power of Facebook ads to create highly targeted campaigns that reach exactly the right audience. This means that you can get your products in front of people who are most likely to buy them, increasing your conversion rates and profitability.

Third, Facebook is a social platform. People use it to connect with friends and family, but also to discover and share new things. This makes it an ideal platform for showcasing your products and building a brand. By engaging with your audience, you can create a loyal following that will help drive sales and grow your business over time.

Overall, dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start or grow an online business. With a massive audience, powerful targeting capabilities, and a range of helpful tools and features, it's the perfect platform for success. So why wait? Start dropshipping on Facebook today and take your business to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

No, you do not need to be enrolled in Facebook Shop program to upload products on Facebook. You just need a Facebook account to get started. You must, however, be a US citizen if you want to open a Shop on Facebook & Instagram. But there's no such requirement for selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Yes, the inventory status would be updated each day automatically if you use our automated URL.

Yes, we have extensively tested our feed with Facebook Marketplace and confirm that everything is working perfectly.

Facebook requires you to have a website with all store-related policies listed in order to import a feed. Hence, we provide you with a one-page website with all the content included as required. The website we provide also includes a contact form in case the customer seeks to formally place an order with you.

And no, you do not need to buy a domain if you don't already have one. We will do that for you without any extra cost. :)

You can process orders by making a purchase of the product from your Wholesale2B dashboard. Please note that you would need to pay in advance for your item to be shipped. Once shipped, a tracking code will be sent to you by our system.

No, we do not. We at Wholesale2B are only responsible for generating the feed URL and providing a static website for feed purposes. You can sell on Facebook Marketplace without any hassles. However, if you want to open a Facebook Shop or Instagram Shop, we cannot provide assistance on the same as the requirements depend on Facebook and change as per the individual's Facebook account.

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us if you face any issues regarding your customer orders. We'd do our best to get them resolved. Your brand matters to us, and we strive to help you make it the best.

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