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Start A Dropshipping Business
with 3DCart (Shift4Shop)

Load your 3DCart / Shift4Shop Store with thousands of profitable products from Wholesale2B in the easiest way.


Easily Curate Products

Find and load dropship-ready products from various categories and niches and add them to your list.


Customizable Options

Apply global markups on per-supplier basis to maximize profits, remap categories & process automatic feed generation.


Unique Feed URL

Within 1 business day, you'll get an email with your customized feed's download link. Use that link for adding products to your 3DCart/Shift4Shop store.


Process Orders

Place orders for your customers using your Wholesale2B and we will handle the communication with the suppliers & shipping hassles for you.


No Credit Card Needed

Masterfully Created for and Seamlessly Compatible with both 3DCart & Shift4Shop

Wholesale2B makes it easy for you to start your dropshipping business without having to worry about writing codes or working on any kind of APIs or integrations. Our 3DCart Dropshipping solution includes everything that you need to get started right away.

Just download and import a CSV file containing products of your choice with the images, descriptions, categories and other attributes, and you're good to go!
  • Feed refreshed daily and ready to download for up-to-date inventory
  • Contains original HD Images for creating a stunning store
  • Choose from 100+ ever-growing list of suppliers & 1 million products
  • 100% white-labeled, no mention of us to your customers
Wholesale2B Products in 3DCart Wholesale2B Products in 3DCart

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Wholesale2B Products in 3DCart

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropship 3DCart / Shift4Shop Plan

No, it is not. We only provide you with the URL to your feed. After that, you need to download your feed file as often as you wish and re-import it to your website.

Yes. The CSV in the feed URL is recreated with updated information everyday. This includes updating the inventory status and quantity in stock for each product as well as removing discontinued items.

Yes. You can configure markups per supplier basis to have control over the prices. Moreover, you may adjust the prices further by overwriting the price if marked-up price for any item does not fit your needs.

Yes, they're the same platform. And yes, our feed is compatible with both of them.

No, there isn't, unless you could write some code to do it. However, the daily automated updates is provided with our website plan. In this case we update the website for you automatically every day. You may take a look at the plan.

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