Dropship On Bonanza

Dropship from an inventory of over 1 million products and become a best-selling rockstar on Bonanza.

Choose products
Import to your store
Make sales
Process your orders
Choose products

Browse 1 Million products from renowned dropshipping suppliers and pick the best-fitting items for your dashing store with Bonanza.

Customize your feed

Configure your selling prices, categories, etc., and our algorithm will generate an import-friendly CSV file for your Bonanza store within 1 business day. Then Import the personalized feed into your store, and Wholesale2B's robots-at-work will automatically update your feed daily. Start selling!

Make sales

Buyers will pay you via your Bonanza store. You then pay us the wholesale value of the order and you keep the diffeence as your profit.

Process your orders

Input your orders in your Wholesale2B dashboard to process them for your customers. Just pay the base price of the products and let us handle the rest.

Take advantage of the our Bonus Tools to get the best out of your store on Bonanza

Managing an inventory and performing manual tasks is a headache, we get it. Hence, Wholesale2B offers you dropshipping tools to help you boost your e-commerce business.

  • Choose from unlimited range of products

  • Save your time and boost your income

  • World-class benefits like applying global markup on selling prices

  • Stay worry-free as we take care of the tracking codes

  • 100% white-labeled, oblivious to your customers

  • Filter products based on best-selling & low-shipping costs

Conquer the dropshipping space like no other

Packed with automated workflows, our Bonanza Dropshipping plan will enable you to generate import-friendly CSV files of products for your Bonanza store. Thanks to our simplified interface, you would be able to add or remove products based on the market trends and expand your dropshipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bonanza Dropshipping App

Absolutely. We at Wholesale2B have built a robust algorithm that monitors the stores and the lists from time-to-time. This helps us keep your products, their descriptions, and their stock statuses up-to-date.
No, we do not advise changing the names and the descriptions of the products from your Bonanza store. Instead, you can edit the meta titles and meta descriptions of the products directly from your list inside Wholesale2B. This is a great way of making the items unique on your site which will help get better SEO.
No, our Bonanza Plan does not include a Bonanza Store. For our plan to work, you would need to create your own store with Bonanza.
White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and lets the purchaser use their own. Which means that your customers won't know about Wholesale2B at all. For them, you are the store owner and you are the one selling all the products.
No, you do not need to manually import tracking codes. Once your order is shipped, we will send the tracking code back to your Bonanza store and your order will be marked as shipped. This will be done automatically for you.
Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us if you face any issues regarding your customer orders. We'd do our best to get them resolved. Your brand matters to us, and we strive to help you make it the best.

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