Dropship On Shoplazza

Add thousands of products from the best dropshipping suppliers to your Shoplazza store in just a few minutes.

Wholesale2b dropship on Shoplazza plan

Dropship On Shoplazza

Add thousands of products from the best dropshipping suppliers to your Shoplazza store in just a few minutes.


Create Your List

Browse a million lowest-priced dropship-ready products from 100+ (& growing) suppliers and add to your Shoplazza specific list.


Sync with Store

Configure your selling prices with global markups, categories, etc. and import thousands of products to your Shoplazza store.


Start Selling

Market and sell your products to your buyers without having to worry about keeping an inventory or preordering stuff.


Process Orders

No manual input. Process orders with 1 click. You pay us and we handle the order with the suppliers for you. You keep the profits!

Increase Your Shoplazza Business Overnight.

Now you can import thousands of products from drop shippers to your Shoplazza store and forget about manual updates.
  • Over ONE MILLION dropship products to choose from
  • Automated Inventory Updates & Tracking Codes Syncing
  • Unlimited Order Processing
  • Dropship orders are shipped to your customers with just 1 click
  • Tracking codes are sent back to your store automatically
  • Set Your Own Profits to our Wholesale Prices
Increase Your Shoplazza Business Overnight
Increase Your Shoplazza Business

Dominate the Dropshipping Space

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Control your Shoplazza product list with precision

Control your Shoplazza product list with precision.

Our Shoplazza Dropshipping App will automatically import your list of products to your Shoplazza store. Your Shoplazza store will be kept in sync with the supplier inventory. Customize your products for better performance and make your store unique.
  • Control the shipping costs as you wish
  • Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items
  • Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique
  • View your estimated profit/losses
  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you

NEW! Make More Sales by Pushing Product Reviews to your Shoplazza Store

A one-of-a-kind feature, you can now show product reviews in the description of your products. Product Reviews are largely responsible for gaining trust of customers, hence this functionality would prove beneficial for your dropshipping business.
Add Product Reviews to Shoplazza

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoplazza Dropshipping App

Yes we do. The product images will be loaded to your Shoplazza store when your list is imported to your store.

Yes. Every products on your list will be pushed every day to your Shoplazza store so any changes made to any items on your list will be kept in synch with your store. This includes quantity in stock, pricing, name changes, removal of products, etc.

Yes, you can. You can edit the item names and descriptions directly from your list. This is a great way of making the items unique on your site which will help get better SEO.

Please note that all changes need to be done directly on your list because your list is considered as your main source. If you change the prices, or item names or item descriptions directly from your store, then those changes will be overwritten by your list the next time it is synched.

Yes you do. The fee for our Shoplazza App does not include the Shoplazza store. Our Shoplazza App requires that you already have a store with Shoplazza.

The billing for our Shoplazza App will be handled by Wholesale2b. After your free trial is over, we will charge you the monthly fee.

No you do not need to manually input tracking codes. Once your order is shipped, we will send the tracking code back to your Shoplazza store and your order will be marked as shipped. This will be done automatically for you.

No you don't have to manually input your orders. Your orders will automatically be imported into your Wholesale2b account. You simply need to click on the ORDER NOW link located next to each new pending order.

Please make sure that you do not change the status of your orders to shipped. You must let our system change the status for you. When you get a new order you simply need to about until it is imported into your Wholesale2b account, and click on the ORDER NOW link to complete the wholesale payment. New orders are usually imported every 3 hours.

Tracking codes are provided by the suppliers after the order is shipped. Some suppliers are quicker than other however on average you can expect to get the tracking codes between 1 to 2 business days.

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