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How does dropshipping work

How Does Dropshipping Work

Working with Wholesale2b is extremely easy. We provide you with the products, the supplier sources to fulfill your orders and the tools to help you resell the products online. You only pay for the products once you have sold them and the best of all, we will tell you where to go to get the absolute lowest prices directly from the supplier that will ship on your behalf.

Wholesale2b makes selling products online a breeze!

Sell our products anywhere you want

Your job is to sell the products and you can sell them anywhere you want. For example, if you already have a website then you can easily load our products to your own site. We support many types of shopping carts.

If you have an eBay account you can create auctions with just a few clicks and even add items to your existing eBay store.

If you have a Google Base account or an Amazon marketplace account, you can also use any of our pre-formatted files to import products to almost any marketplace website of your choice.

Buyer pays you directly

Once you have sold a product you will get paid directly by your buyer. We do not take any percentage from the payment since the buyer will pay you directly.

Since you will get paid before you pay the supplier, you do not need to worry about pre-purchasing any products up front. You only pay the supplier once you have the money in your pocket.

Fulfill the order

Once you have received the full payment from your buyer, you will fulfill the order from your wholesale2b.com account. Our team will then send the order to the supplier the same day for processing, ppackaging and shipping.

You will be charged the absolute lowest wholesale price since we do not increase the prices. In fact we provide the names of all our integrated suppliers so we cannot change their wholesale prices.

By working directly with wholesale2b.com you will avoid any delays caused by a middleman. Furthermore you will be able to provide your buyer answers to any questions much faster since you will have the ability to speak to the supplier directly.

The order is shipped directly to your buyer

The supplier will ship your order directly to your buyer on your behalf. A tracking code will then be emailed to you so you and your buyer can both keep track of the order up until its delivery.

Suppliers normally ship orders quickly using Fedex, UPS or USPS using normal ground services.


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