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Standardize Your Product Image Sizes

Standardize Your Product Image Sizes

Image Resizing & Filters

As you know there is no real standard for image sizing across the marketplace. This means that you will certainly end up with images of various sizes when loading products from various suppliers. Some suppliers provide thumbs, others don't. Some provide very large images and some don't. Furthermore a thumb size images from one supplier may be different than other suppliers.

You can certainly hard code image width and sizes in your site to force a standard size to the product images, however this very often results in fuzzy images or images that will stretch an item making it very unattracitve to potential buyers that are shopping on your website.

Image Resizing & Filters

Automatic Image Sizing

Wholesale2b resolves this issue by properly resizing products images to our standard sizes so you are sure to have a professional looking website with consitent product image sizes thorughout your site. Our process will not apply any hard coded with or height, but rather our processes will keep the proper scaling dimensions of any given image during the resizing process. This is a great feature and its provided to all wholesale2b members at no extra cost.

Automatic Removal Of Bad Images

Automatic Removal Of Bad Images

Another issue that occurs frequently with some dropshippers is having products with the image "IMAGE COMING SOON". We have a process that filters about 90% of those items so your e-commerce website will not be cluttered with items that have no real images. This is also a great feature provided by wholesale2b to all our members at no extra cost.

These small changes is what will make the difference between a good looking website and a site built by a novice.

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