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Dropship Order Processing

Dropship Order Processing

If you open an account with Wholesale2b.com, not only will you be able to push products to many marketplaces, but you will also be able to process all your orders from one single account to USA, Canada, & UK.

All you need is an active account with Wholesale2b and a Verified account. A Verified account is required to protect us against any online frauds since we make no profits on the dropship products. You can easily verify your account directly from your Wholesale2b account.

Once your account is verified, we will handle all your dropship orders with the suppliers for you. You will NOT need to contact any of the suppliers.

If you wish you can still handle your orders yourself should you prefer to do so.

When Wholesale2b handles orders for you, we will also take the responsibility of fetching the tracking codes for you, and we'll update the order detail accordingly and push them to eBay, or Amazon, or to your online store. We will also take on the responsibility of communicating any return requests to the suppliers for you.

What happens in a case of a return

In case of a return, you must create a support ticket with the order number, and include the reason for the return request. We will then contact the supplier to get the return request approved. Once approved we will provide you with the RMA number and the return address which you can pass on to your buyer.

Once the item is received the supplier will review it and grant a refund as per their refund policy. A refund will then be issued to you AFTER we receive the refund from the supplier.

It is very important that you should NOT issue your buyer any refund until you have received a refund from Wholesale2b first. There is simply never any guarantee that a return request will be approved so it is wise to wait until the full cycle of the return process is complete before issuing a refund to your customer.

Processing Time

Wholesale2b will handle each new order within 1 business day. Then we must wait until the supplier packs & ships the order with a tracking code. This usually takes a few days. Some suppliers provide tracking codes faster than others and you will have access to a shipping time report from your Wholesale2b account including the average number of days taken by each supplier to provide tracking codes.

You can use this information to set your expectation as to how long you will need to wait until you get the tracking codes.


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