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How To Manage Product Returns With Drop Shippers

How To Manage Product Returns With Drop Shippers?

How To Manage Product Returns With Drop Shippers?

A dropship ecommerce business similar to eBay or Amazon can be potentially lucrative, but there are pitfalls you should strive to avoid. Unavoidable errors will present themselves at unexpected times, but the key to a successful business involves having strategies in place to handle any unexpected occurrences or errors. Therefore, dropship product returns should be a component of your ecommerce business structure and strategies to effectively deal with this issue should be implemented.

Even the most reliable dropshipper options can make mistakes, which will leave your customers unsatisfied. Your only option is to rectify the situation efficiently and in the best interest of the consumer. However, knowing how to react in the best interest of the consumer is something that must be learned. Here are some helpful strategies that can be implemented into the dropship return aspect of your business to ensure that errors are avoided at all costs, but when they do present themselves, they can be fixed quickly.

So How Do I Process A Return Exactly?

The first thing you will need to do is gather details from your buyer so we can help you process the return with any delay.

A) The reason for the return/cancellation
B) Does your buyer want an exchange or simply return the item and get a refund?

If wholesale2b is processing orders for you, then we will handle the returns with the suppliers for you so it's very easy. In this case you simply need to create a support ticket and include the order number, and the reason for the return and the desired outcome from your buyer. We will then contact the supplier and handle the whole process for you. A return will then be issued to you once the item has been received.

If you are processing your orders directly with the suppliers, then you will be responsible for handling the returns yourself. In this case you will need to contact the supplier and inform them of the details. You will then be assigned a RMA number by the supplier along with instructions on how to have the item returned to them. Once the supplier has received the item, they will issue you a refund as per their return policy.

It's a good idea to always your buyer to provide you with the tracking code of the returned item so you can get a confirmation of the delivery back to the warehouse. This will help you determine when you should getting back to your supplier for the refund if it's not processed after a few days from delivery.

Be Aware of Dropship Return Policies

When a dropship product error occurs, it is important to be completely informed. This involves thoroughly understanding every intricacy of your distributor's unique return policy. All distributors have different return policies and it is essential to understand every aspect to ensure that all issues can be corrected in a timely manner. Responsibility is the most important component of any dropship related error, which means that you must take ownership of the mistake and take ownership of the process to correct this mishap

By placing the blame of a dropship return on a distributor, your customer will see this reasoning as irrelevant and as a way of sidestepping accountability. Not only is this strategy ineffective, but it also unnecessarily informs the costumer of your stocking practices between direct stocking or distributor dropship stocking. By giving your customer unnecessary information, you will cause added confusion and simply make the error more substantial. However, by taking immediate accountability and action, the situation can be handled in a professional and efficient manner that is optimal for both you and the customer.

After simply apologizing for the error, it is time to take the important step, which is the action to correct the mishap. By being knowledgeable of the distributor dropshipper return policy, you can correct the error in the most efficient manner. So before an error actually occurs, you are still informed on the issue. Some ecommerce businesses never have to deal with dropship return or dropship product issues, but if this situation does occur it is best to be prepared. If you are prepared for the unexpected, then nothing can throw your efficiency off course or subtract from your profitability. Your customer will be able to tell if you are informed of proper dropshipper distributions policies and failure to be adequately knowledgeable may lead to further more severe problems.

Be Respectful

Once the error has occurred and the solution is needed, respect must be shown not only to the customer, but also to the dropshipper distributor. Even though your first inclination may be to yell or become angry, it is important to realize that a calm and directed demeanor is the best way to get results. Even though your dropship distributor has most likely made an error, remember that a partnership still exists between you and the dropshipper. Your distributor is essential to you delivering your product to consumers, which makes it a relationship that should be respected and nurtured at all times. If you result to yelling or other unprofessional methods, your dropshipper distributor may wish to end the partnership, which would only multiply your problems. Don't make a small error larger than it actually is. Remain composed and use these adverse circumstances to strengthen the partnership that exists.

If you are respectful and considerate, your distributor will be more motivated to correct the error and salvage the relationship. The distributor most likely wants to make the situation right and will work with you to come up with the best course of action. Finding out the cause of the error is something that should be managed once the situation is corrected. First, you must correct the issue and then you can look to correct the cause of the error.

For example, there are many different potential causes that can lead to a shipping error including:

An order processing error
Shipping Company Issue
Error Entering Oder

Remember that the cause of the error could be many different things, so you should work to correct the error before identifying the cause. However, it is important to eventually identify the cause to ensure that this issue is corrected so that future similar errors are avoided.

Small Gestures Can Be Meaningful To The Customer

The relationship with your buyer is just as critical as your partnership with the dropship distributor. Therefore, you want to make every effort to improve the level of customer service that you provide. Since an error occurred, it may be necessary to make up the error by offering something in return to the buyer. This can be achieved by offering a refunded shipping fee or a future upgrade in shipping service at the time of the next order. This small gesture will be a cost effective way to enhance the relationship with your buyer and ensure that they are properly satisfied. Simply making an extra effort will be greatly appreciated and remembered by the buyer of your dropship products.

Additional Helpful Tips when dealing with Dropship Return Issues

It is recommended that you develop a return policy that is similar to your suppliers. This involves determining the type of return policy that your dropshipper has in place and creating your own return policy that is a bit more conservative. This will give you increased leeway and allow you to meet your policies effectively.

Also it is best to create a dropship return policy that is somewhat restricted. Don't let dropship products be returned for any reason. Your dropship return policy given to the buyer should be clear and state the acceptable reasons for a dropship return. By having this stated in your policy, you can protect against misleading returns that are unnecessary.

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