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Dropship Case Study

Dropship Case Study

"Hello my name is Scott and I have always wanted to start my own business. In my younger days, my thoughts and aspirations were more adventurous but as I explored more and more of the real world and the various requisites of starting a business from scratch, my dreams became more pragmatic. It didn't take much time for me to realize that starting a business requires many things among which money was the hardest to get ingredient. I have always been a quick learner hence I did not find the complexities of running a business to be a challenge but to open up a brick and mortar store one needed a fair amount of capital investment. That was something I could not afford.

When the internet exploded and people started making money online, my entrepreneurial aspirations were reborn. I could envisage myself starting an online business because it wouldn't demand the kind of investment a conventional business would. Naturally, I jumped at the very thought of quitting my day job and making a handsome living by running an online business. My excitement and motivation was short-lived because the online world is plagued with more nonsense than I could have ever imagined. I spent a lot of time researching about online businesses and came across various turnkey solutions, most of which turned out to be outright shams.

After considerable research I decided that I would be starting up an online store. I was in a sales job and selling was my forte. I found out that an online store costs nothing compared to a retail store in my city. Also, given the outreach of the internet, I could easily get product manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers who would provide me a license to resell their goods through my online store. They hardly had anything to lose, if at all, they would get more sales. However, I had a major challenge in my way. I was a technical novice. I didn't know how to come up with a website or how I would manage the inventory while running an online store.

It was then that I came across the concept of dropship business. The very premise on which the dropship concept was developed seemed very appealing. You wouldn't have to procure the inventory, didn't have to store the inventory anywhere, there is no hassle of taking the charge of shipping and more importantly, you didn't have to contact every brand on your own or wholesaler to get the license to resell their products.

I decided to go ahead with the dropship business and it also made sense because many dropship companies were providing with websites and ecommerce solutions as well. I tried out a company, paid up a couple hundred dollars up front and signed up. Several weeks went by, I didn't get my site and when I did get my site, I realized they do not have many products. The products they had on their list had inflated pricing and the commissions were dismal, although they promised a lot of good things including a blue moon. I was actually getting products that were retailing at lesser prices and I thought I would get wholesale rates which can give me the room to make profit. Needless to say, the experience was harrowing at best. I came across many such programs and schemes from many companies across the world. I tried out another which was highly hailed by many people and had positive reviews. The experience was no different though and I lost money again. Two back to back scams hit me hard and my entrepreneurial aspirations bore no fruit but disappointment and stagnancy.

I kept researching though but with the intention of not quitting my job and starting a business but to make extra money. It was then that I came across a great company offering various dropshipping plans which seemed to be exactly what I needed. I was skeptic, cautious and pessimistic. I did my research and reviewed the vast inventory of dropship products that they offered before paying them. I was quite impressed with how the shipping would be completely hassle free, that I would be able to sell across all major markets and that they would provide the technical assistance to set up the online store as well.

After a lot of thought, I decided to give it a go having been reassured by the extensive resources available by this service, that if anything, it wouldn't be a scam. I may not have made a lot of money in the beginning but the company is genuine and so is everything that it says. I started my online venture, opted for the products of my choice, set it all up and started marketing my site on various online platforms.

Today, I sell mostly on Amazon and a few other marketplace sites. Overall my dropship business generates more than 30 orders per day which gives me more income than I ever anticipated when I first started and I am looking forward to increasing my sales over time as I am planning to open up new channels and sites which would focus on other niche products that this company offers.

Now that I am more aware of this dropship concept and the business of online stores, I can recommend to you all this great company called Wholesale2b.com.

They have the largest inventory of dropship products in this game at the best wholesale prices. They offer a service that can truly help anyone make extra money or to create a completely new entrepreneurial career. "

Wholesale2b CEO

Peter C.

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