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5 Best eCommerce Platforms to Start Dropshipping

Are you an ambitious side hustler or entrepreneur looking for ways to bring your e-commerce venture to life with quick success? Dropshipping might be the way forward! With low upfront costs, ease of setup, and potential for high revenue, this business model is becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce owners and solopreneurs.

So if you’re considering starting a dropshipping business, one of the main tasks would be to find the best platform. With many different solutions out there nowadays ranging from open-source platforms to hosted or enterprise-level services – it can get quite overwhelming as a beginner not knowing which platform will suit your needs most effectively.

We have brought together five of our favorite solutions that are sure to help get any dropshipping store off the ground with success!

What is dropshipping and why do it?

Dropshipping has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business. It works by one party – a dropshipper – providing products directly to the end customer, bypassing any extra costs associated with stock inventory and shipping. Entrepreneurs can use dropshipping to set up their own businesses and get access to products they may not have been able to buy in bulk before.

It’s also incredibly cost-effective and has relatively low overhead costs compared to traditional businesses, meaning that business owners can test out new product lines without investing too much until their concept is proven successful.

Furthermore, there are many platforms available that provide useful tools for managing and automating different aspects of the e-commerce process, making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to launch a great website and start putting together their own creative solutions efficiently.

Overall, dropshipping provides a great opportunity for small business owners who are looking to venture into e-commerce while focusing on building their brand presence in the market.

Now let’s dive into five of the best e-commerce website-building platforms for dropshipping.

Shopify — for its ease-of-use

Shopify Website Builder Landing Page

Shopify is the ideal choice when it comes to dropshipping due to its intuitive, stress-free e-commerce platform. It gives entrepreneurs and businesses the design and development tools that can create a customized, professional-looking store in minutes.

Shopify’s user-friendly interface allows for easy management of orders and payments and provides access to analytics, order tracking, customer data integration, and marketing tools.

Additionally, it supports any popular payment method such as PayPal or Apple Pay, so you can ensure your customers have an optimal checkout experience. With an array of features like real-time shipping quotes, abandoned cart recovery, and automatic tax calculations, Shopify is a great dropshipping solution that caters to any size business while providing excellent customer service and superior security.

Magento — for scalability

Magento Open Source Landing Page

Magento has proven itself to have incredible flexibility and scalability, making it an excellent platform of choice for a dropshipping business. Highly customizable with user-friendly modules and components, it allows the owner to alter their store without any help from a tech specialist.

Businesses looking to expand will find the open-source e-commerce platform offers plenty of room for increased product sales, content, and capabilities – allowing it to scale in line with the owners’ plans.

With an ever-growing list of 3rd party integrations, from payment gateways to cloud services and marketing tools, Magento is a comprehensive platform that offers exceptional value for money for any business seeking to grow its reach.

WooCommerce — for its plugins and themes

WooCommerce Landing Page

Most e-commerce stores rely on WooCommerce to build and launch their dropshipping stores. With so many powerful plugins, WooCommerce gives store owners the ability to customize their store for a great customer experience. From inventory control and automated shipping to payment gateway integration, WooCommerce has it all.

Its scalability lets you easily increase sales without having to invest in additional hardware or software. On the downside, using the wrong plugins can lead to slow website performance, increased maintenance costs, and more chances of losing data should something go wrong.

All these factors need to be taken into account before using WooCommerce for your dropshipping store. Ultimately, with the right set of plugins and careful planning, you can open an effective and reliable dropshipping store with WooCommerce.

BigCommerce — for its simplicity & support

BigCommerce Essentials Landing Page

BigCommerce has an impressive support system, enabling users to access technical assistance anytime they need it. The popular e-commerce platform offers a wide range of easy-to-follow tutorials and webinars to help beginners quickly understand the features available.

Whether you are starting a business or expanding an existing one, you can access videos and detailed blog posts written by knowledgeable professionals that will help you get the most out of BigCommerce’s tools.

Their expert customer service team is highly responsive to inquiries, with live chat available round the clock to assist users with any issues they may encounter while using the platform. All in all, BigCommerce has a support system that is both comprehensive and user-friendly for those without technical knowledge.

Shift4Shop — for its user-friendliness

Shift4Shop Landing Page

Shift4Shop provides an incredibly easy way to build powerful, responsive dropshipping websites. With their simple drag-and-drop design system along with advanced e-commerce solutions, Shift4Shop makes it easier than ever to create the perfect online store for you or your business.

Their user-friendly interface allows for total customization for a unique and recognizable website that still keeps ease of use as a priority. Also, integrated payment systems like PayPal and secure credit card processing let customers shop with confidence and allows you to focus on selling your products rather than setup and maintenance.


To sum up, for entrepreneurs looking to launch a successful dropshipping business, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shift4Shop are the five top platforms for their e-commerce needs. Each platform offers unique features such as Shopify’s market-leading designing tools, Magento’s scalability and flexibility, WooCommerce’s customization capabilities, BigCommerce’s customer support for beginners with no technical knowledge, and Shift4Shop’s website-building ease.

With these great features available, launching an efficient dropshipping store is no longer a distant reality. All that remains is determining which of these five popular e-commerce platforms will best meet the individual’s business needs.

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