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When you decide to launch an ecommerce business selling products directly from a wholesaler, importer, or other vendor—you will not only need to learn how to run your new business—but also the terminology associated with drop shipping. Once you have a clear understanding of what dropshipping is, you need to understand the difference between a standard drop ship and a blind drop ship.

What Is A Blind Drop Ship?

A blind drop ship means that the products you sell on your website, look as though they are sold by and shipped by you—and not by a wholesaler, importer, or other vendor. To blind drop ship, you list the items on your ecommerce website, without any indication that you do not keep your inventory in-house.

When an order is placed, you pay the wholesaler directly—and when it is shipped, the drop shipping company will ship the item your customer using a blind method so your buyer will naturally assume that the order came directly from you. In other words, the name of the true supplier or shipping center will not be added in the order. The same applies for the wholesale price charged by the supplier – it will not be included in the shipment so your buyer will never know your wholesale cost.

What Is A Double Blind Drop Ship?

In a standard blind drop ship, the wholesaler or vendor still has access to your customers shipping and contact information. If you are worried that they might try to sell directly to your customers, you may want to transition to a double blind drop ship. A double blind drop ship makes it possible for your shipments to be sent without worry of either your customer or your supplier learning one another’s contact information.

What Is The Advantage Of A Blind Drop Ship?

The advantages of a blind drop shipping are many, but two most common are:

1. Customers feel more confident purchasing directly from a supplier who keeps their inventory in stock. With a blind drop ship, your customers never know the difference. 2. You never have to worry about your supplier sending direct mail to your client list, or trying to capture future orders directly from your clients.

How Can You Set Up A Blind Drop Ship?

If you are interested in blind drop ship, then you will need to reach out to a 3rd party service who specializes in blind drop shipping. They will ensure that your customers will never know the name of the true supplier that you are in partnership with.

How Do You Know If You Need To Set Up A Blind Drop Ship?

Every wholesaler, importer, or vendor you work with is different. Some value and respect their relationships with their dropship partners, and would never dream of trying to poach customers. Many dropship suppliers guarantee that they will not contact your customers directly. If you do not have this agreement with all of your suppliers, then a blind drop ship is the best way to protect the relationships that you build with your customers.

Now that you understand the value and importance of a blind drop ship, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is the right fit for your drop ship business.

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