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First I must clarify that not all dropship suppliers charge a sales tax. You will come to know if the supplier charges a sales tax when you signup for a reseller account with your chosen supplier, OR you can simply browse products by supplier from your wholesale2b.com account and look at any product detail page.

If the supplier charges a sales tax you will see the sales tax note on the product detail page of any item from any given dropship supplier. In this case the sales tax will be displayed on the right side of the page and will indicate the State where the sales tax will apply and the percentage of the sales tax. This will represent what you will have to pay as a seller when you process the order with wholesale2b, and this sales tax will be applied to your wholesale price, not on the selling price to your buyer.

Now as a seller, you are only obligated to charge a sales tax to your buyers if you have a registered business in the state where you reside or where you have registered your business. If you do not have a business tax iD then you cannot charge any sales tax.

If you do have a business tax ID, then you must charge a sales tax on all orders with a shipping address to your state only. You must not charge a sales tax for deliveries to other states. For more details about this, you should consult the state revenue office for the state where you reside in.

Then you can configure the sales tax in your website admin dashboard by going to the menu Pricing & Payments => Sales Tax. In this page you will see the list of states and an input box in which you can enter the sales tax that is applicable to your state only. You can leave all other states untouched. This will trigger your website shopping cart to add the sales tax on orders with a shipping address that match your state only.

Then you must report those orders to your state revenue according to their schedule and pay the excise tax which will be calculated on the state revenue website. You must contact them for guidance on how to report and pay the excise tax (sales tax) that you charged buyers from your website.

Again, this only applies if you already have a business license. If you do not have an established business then you do not need to charge any sales tax and you do not need to report any sales tax to your state.


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