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Sending orders to the drop ship suppliers from your dropship website is very easy. Wholesale2b makes it easy to process your dropship orders.

To process an order please login to your website admin dashboard and click on the ORDER NOW button located next to your PENDING order. You will see those orders on your website admin dashboard page below the section called ORDER HISTORY. You can also access this list by going to the menu ORDERS => ORDER HISTORY.

When you get a new order on your site, you will receive an email from both Paypal and from your website as well, informing you that you received a new order and a payment was deposited into your Paypal account by the buyer.

After you click on the ORDER NOW button, just follow the checkout steps. The steps will be populated already with the items you sold and the shipping address of your buyer, so you won't have to input anytime. Just click through the steps until you reach the payment page and complete the wholesale payment of the order. You can use Paypal to make the payment of the order.

Once you complete your payment for the order, we will handle it with the supplier for you, and we will email you the tracking code as soon as we get it from the supplier. Every order will have a tracking code.

The time taken for getting the tracking code may vary for each supplier. Normally it takes about 2 days but you can get a more accurate estimate by going to the menu REPORTS => TRACKING DELIVERY REPORT. This report can be accessed from your Wholesale2b.com account only. This report will show you the average number of days taken by each supplier to provide tracking codes.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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