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Amazon is surely considered to be the largest product search website. Most people will go to Amazon when searching for items to buy online. Amazon has outranked Google a while ago when it comes to searches related to buying products online.

First I would like to say that some sellers start getting orders quicker than others. There is no standard for forecasting when you will start getting sales on Amazon. Some people start getting orders quickly and others take more time

Second, I would like to mention that you can indeed take some steps to increase the exposure of the items you have listed on Amazon. Although there is no guarantee that you will make a sale quickly, this action will certainly help you kickstart your Amazon business and based on my observation this usually works well.

The best way to get your first sale on Amazon is to pick a few items you have listed and do a product review. You can do a product review from your Facebook account and on Twitter and include a link to the product detail page from your Amazon store. You can even become creative and make a video of the review and post it on Youtube.

You can also take the time to inform all your friends and family of your new Amazon store URL and ask them to buy something from you if they ever need anything. You should even consider buying an item from your own Amazon store if you also happen to need something for your own personal use.

It is very important that you always request that your buyers leave a positive review. The more reviews you get, the better ranking you will get over time. Amazon certainly takes into consideration the reviews for deciding on how to rank your products.

You can also help spread the word about your Amazon store by pasting the URL of some items in your Facebook account, Twitter and other social networks. Be sure to always include the product image and a short description + your own personal review of the item. This will make the item appear more unique and if others will be enticed to buy the item if you include a personal comment about the item as well.

If you are not sure how to find the URL to your Amazon store, then use the URL below and follow the instructions. Then once you have the URL to your Amazon store, you can start spreading it to everyone you know.


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