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Hi, Currently, I'm using the data feed plan to upload dropship products to my website. I would like to know the steps to order products from the suppliers through wholesale2b.
When you get a new order from your own hosted website, you can either process your orders directly with the supplier or you can process it from your wholesale2b account and we will handle it with the supplier for you.

If you wish to process your orders directly with the suppliers, then you will first need to signup for a reseller account with each of your chosen suppliers. This may be a tedious process so most people opt to process their orders form their wholesale2b account in which case you are NOT required to signup for a reseller account with any supplier.

If you let wholesale2b handle the order with the supplier for you then we will add 3% to the wholesale order. In this case you should follow the steps below:

Login to your wholesale2b.com account
Click on the top menu DROPSHIP PRODUCTS.
Then enter the item number of the item you wish to order in the search box located on the top right corner.
Then click on the item name to access the product detail page.
Then click on the green ADD TO CART button and follow the checkouts steps.
You will need to enter the shipping address of your customer during the checkout steps.
You can use your own address as the billing address since you will be paying for the order. Once you complete the payment of your wholesale order, we will fulfill the order with the supplier for you and we will email you the tracking code as soon as we get it from the supplier.

Keep in mind that you are required to enter orders manually because you are hosting your own website. If you are using our dropship website plan instead, then the process for placing order is much easier as the order details will already be recorded, in which case processing orders is as easy as clicking on one button.

For BULK orders, we can help you automate the order fulfilment using a file exchange. This is help you avoid having to manually input your orders manually one by one, however you are required to have a consistent minimum of 30 orders per day.

As a reminder, we will not show our name or the name of the supplier in the shipment. Also, we will not show the wholesale price so your buyer will never know the price you paid and your buyer will not know the name of the supplier.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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