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When you copy/paste the URL of any product detail page from your site to Facebook, you should see the product image come up in Facebook automatically. Facebook normally is able to grab the product image automatically for you.

If this is not working, then there might be an issue with the Facebook functionality. If this problem occurs, then you simply add the image manually to Facebook instead. First you must save the image to your computer. Simply go to the product detail page and right click on the product image and choose the option to save it to your computer. Then you can load the product image to your Facebook account and write a small ad text to attract buyers. You can also copy/paste the URL of the product detail page in your Facebook posting so your visitors will simply need to click on the link to access the product detail page of the item on your website.

This can be a good approach for spreading the word about a special discount on a specific item. This is an easy way to get traffic to your website from Facebook.

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