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Your wholesale2b.com website is already equipped with features to help you perform Search Engine Optimisation tasks.

SEO involves several things however the very first thing you should do is choose the keyword phrases that you wish to be ranked for. This is important because the next steps will involve increasing the presence of your chosen key phrases in your website.

I have listed some of the important SEO steps below as a summary:

A) onsite optimisation. This step involves optimising the website itself with Meta Tags and anchor links. This is already done for you with wholesale2b website plan. All product detail pages and product category pages already have the meta tags set for you, however you do have the option of changing them if you wish.

There is an option in the SEO menu of your website admin dashboard to help you edit the meta tags if you wish to change them. You can change them on single items or you can export all the Meta Tags from every products on your site to an excel file and edit them in bulk, then re-import them to your website. onsite optimisation also involves adding content to your website to help you enrich the density of your chosen keywords. You can do this by adding a paragraph or tow on your home page and use your keyword phrase(s) within the text.

This can be added to your home page simply to reflect good relevant content on your website home page, however you also need to add more content to your site on a regular basis to show Google that you have a strong content presence with subjects that relate to your keywords. You can do this by adding new articles to your site every other week. Always make sure that your articles are genuine and unique. This means you should never copy/paste content from the internet when writing your article. it should be 100% genuine. With wholesale2b website plan, you can add as many articles as you want. There is no limit and this can be done from the Customise your website menu.

B) offsite optimisation. This step involves building backlinks to your site from other high authority websites. For a start, you can add links back to your website from your Facebook account and Twitter account. If you have other websites, then you should also add back links to your website from those sites as well. This is a good start but in order to get good rankings you need to target websites with high authority. This type of backlinks is usually provided by services that offer SEO campaigns.

Although wholesale2b is not an SEO company, we can help you with keyword research, and building backlinks from other websites. Please create a support ticket to contact us for a quote if you are interested in this service.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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