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Dropshipping Yoga Products

How to: Dropship Yoga Products (2022)

The yoga market grows each year and is projected to hit $66.2billion by 2027.

Consumers are enthusiastic about yoga and other fitness routines more than ever before. As such, they are always in search of products that can help them pursue their passion. Therefore, dropshipping yoga products is a profitable venture to consider.

This article will show you all you need to start dropshipping yoga products and be successful at it.

The market for yoga products

Yoga enthusiasts have shown a steady increase in number. They are predominantly young women aged 25-35. Older women and expectant mothers also make up yoga practitioners.

However, consumers of yoga products are not limited to these groups. The products are versatile and helpful for other exercises and activities. The bracket thus extends to general fitness enthusiasts, dancers, etc.

Why dropship yoga products

Fitness enthusiasm

Exercising has taken center stage as more people desire to keep fit. As a result, the demand for its accessories has therefore increased, with yoga being the most sought after. Dropshipping yoga products positions you to tap into this lucrative market.

Products cover broad categories

People buy products like yoga mats and yoga balls for other fitness purposes outside of yoga. So, the potential market is even broader, which increases potential for more sales.

Easy to start

Unlike other niches, yoga products can be easy to start selling. They often do not require much technical knowledge. With the right content, you can set up your store, promote it, and start selling.

The top yoga products to dropship

You can research which yoga products to sell through different channels. As a rule, you want to sell products with high search or order volumes. Alternatively, low-search volume but higher-priced products can be profitable as well.

Yoga mat

The best yoga mats should be TPE based, recyclable, water, and heat resistant. These come in different sizes and colors. Since they are heat and water-resistant, they can also be used to exercise. Yoga mat receives about 165,000 monthly searches on Google and peaks in the early months of summer.

Yoga ball

Explosion-proof thickened yoga balls can be used within the house and at the gym. They are not limited to yoga and work well for exercise, dance, and other activities too. The term yoga ball receives over 22,000 monthly searches on Google.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants provide much-needed comfort during yoga and exercise sessions. The smooth material does not hinder movement. Due to the comfort they provide, they have been gradually adopted as everyday wear by many women. Yoga pants attract about 165,000 in monthly search volume on Google.

Yoga ring

These items are used during workouts to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower body. They improve flexibility, posture, and coordination. Yoga rings are a rare accessory for yoga and general fitness enthusiasts, attracting a search volume of about 1,500 on Google.

Yoga strap

These are a great yoga accessory for flexibility workouts, popular even among general fitness enthusiasts. Yoga straps come in different forms, like buckles, rings, etc. The monthly search volume of Yoga straps is about 6,600.


Winning Yoga Dropship Products

The top yoga products dropshipping suppliers in the US

It is essential to find a reliable supplier when dropshipping yoga products. Here is a list of the US’ best suppliers of yoga products.


Wholesale2B integrates products from certified suppliers, including yoga products. You can find high-quality yoga products from the Wholesale2B products catalog.

You must also first register to view all the products available. Registration is free.

Additionally, you do not need to interact with the supplier, and you can manage all your dropshipping interactions directly on the platform.

Wholesale2B costs between $19.99-$49.99 per month, depending on which packages you use. You could opt for a yearly plan for a 40% discount.


Oberlo is a reliable yoga dropshipping supplier in the US. The platform offers one-stop commercial procurement , especially for overseas sellers. To upgrade and process more than 50 orders a month, they charge a $29.99 fee.

Worldwide brands

Worldwide brands offers one of the best supplier directories. You can easily find yoga product suppliers from this platform. There is a $299 charge to use the platform, which can be prohibitive for a beginner.


Fashion TIY is a wholesale market platform that supplies apparel, including yoga pants. It does not charge any registration fees. With Fashion TIY, you can request them to remove all company branding when you register as a dropshipper.


Nordstorm provides a wide range of fashion apparel for both men and women. You can source trendy yoga pants and other accessories from here, although their products attract higher price points. They do not charge any fees to sign up.


AliExpress is a major online retail store owned by Alibaba. The platform offers a wide range of yoga products at great rates.

However, you must be cautious of the product quality as you source your products on AliExpress. Only deal with certified suppliers.


If you want to sell yoga products with a difference, you should consider Printify. The company deals with custom made dropshipping products. Provide your customers with the chance to customize their yoga mats, yoga balls, etc.

Sunrise Wholesale

The website offers over 15,000 products, including yoga accessories. Their leading brand in this category is Go Fit. You can easily import product details to your store. When a customer buys from you, you log in to Sunrise Wholesale and place the order. Your supplier then ships directly to the customer.

Sunrise Wholesale provides integration with other platforms like eBay, Big Commerce, Shopify, etc. for your store.

Using the platform will cost you $49/month or $199/year, plus a free 7-day trial.

The intense competition in the yoga products industry requires you to develop practical and actionable marketing and pricing strategies.

Yoga Exercise

Marketing strategy for dropshipping yoga pants

Massive promotion is key to driving traffic and sales to your dropshipping store, as with any online business. A few effective marketing strategies you can use are:

Social media marketing

Social media channels are effective in creating awareness for your dropshipping store. To be successful with social, you must create compelling content to keep potential customers on your site. High-quality product images and videos attract customers to check out what your site has to offer. Additionally, personalized images and videos create trust, which increases the likelihood that people will buy from you over the competitor.

Promotions and discounts

Especially in peak seasons, it helps to run promotions and offer discounts. Promotions and giveaways help to drive traffic, sales and induce impulse purchases. People like free stuff.

Customer reviews

It is vital to gather as many reviews as possible when you start making sales. Customer reviews increase your store’s credibility among potential customers. Feedback also helps you know which products they like so that you can update your list. Furthermore, if the customers receive low-quality items, you will know which suppliers are bad and need replacement.

Influencer marketing

Influencers can generate awareness for your site. It is best to use influencers within your niche, like fitness gurus, trainers, or even lifestyle influencers. Some will accept free payment, and others will expect monetary compensation.

Pricing strategy

Considering the stiff competition within this niche, you must get your pricing right.

To set the best price for your products, examine factors like;

Competition. Before setting your price, analyze your competitors’ pricing to find the right balance. That way, your offering is not too cheap and not too expensive compared to other sellers.

Trends. Sometimes, cultures and trends popularize certain items. For instance, when celebrities started wearing yoga pants to run errands in public, it became a must-have item for many fans. In such cases charging higher prices may bring in more revenue due to high demand.

Group selling; Yoga products often go hand in hand. It helps to sell items in twos or threes and at a lower overall price. For example, you could sell a yoga ball with a yoga ring together at a reduced price.

Seasons: Workout equipment, including yoga products, are more popular in the spring when people work out more. During these seasons, you can adjust your pricing to suit the demand.

Possible threats

Few repeat purchases.

Yoga products are generally durable and can thus be used for a long time. The implication is that your marketing efforts must focus on attracting new customers each time. However, if you provide high-quality goods, you can earn big from referrals as well.

Intense competition

An increase in demand drives an increase in the number of sellers. With many competitors in the same space, you may have difficulty getting through the noise. You can counter intense competition by providing high-quality, unique products at competitive prices. Doing so sets you apart.

Low-quality products

You must pay special attention to the quality of items you dropship. There are so many fakes on the market, so seek out suppliers that can guarantee good quality. In that regard, do not only look for items that are too cheap to be true.

As a precaution, order some of the items yourself to check the quality. Inferior products are a sure way to invite bad reviews and drive customers away for good.



Dropshipping yoga products is a profitable niche to consider for your dropshipping business. The niche includes products like yoga balls, yoga mats, among others. Critical factors for success in this niche include creating high-quality content, competitive pricing, and well-executed marketing strategies. Since yoga products are highly competitive, differentiating your store from competitors is critical.

Whether you are new to dropshipping or already have an established store, yoga products can be a valuable addition to your offering. Unsure of where to source products? Partner with a dropshipping company like Wholesale2B for to create a profitable yoga dropshipping store.

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