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We integrate dropship products from the best dropshipping suppliers into one single account. There is no need to sign up with any supplier. We handle orders & returns with the suppliers for you. With our automated dropshipping solutions, you can import products to your existing webstore or to eBay and Amazon. We can also create a brand new store for you - or - you can download product images & CSV files if you are creating your own store.


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Integrate dropshippers with your webstore, multiple marketplaces and selling channels

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We provide cutting edge tools especially designed for dropship businesses that wish to integrate with dropshippers. Just pick a dropship plan from your free account and start selling immediately.
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Your "ONE STOP SHOP" for all your Wholesale Drop shipping needs

With Wholesale2b you don't need to sign up with any suppliers. In fact you can perform all the tasks from selling products, to processing orders and sending tracking codes to your custmers straight from your Wholesale2b account.

Through using our platform you will gain access to a wide variety of Dropship products and get a chance to maximize your profits with genuine wholesale prices. This is the place to be for anybody who is looking to make money through selling Dropship products. You will have a chance to make money regardless of whether you are new or a seasoned seller.


No Credit Card Needed

Incredible Products

Wholesale2b is integrated with over 100 dropshippers offering true wholesale prices. Use our easy search to browse & find great products at great prices with over ONE MILLION products to choose from.

Dropship Automation

Wholesale2b will automatically import your chosen products, synch any inventory changes or price changes, add new products and remove discontinued items to keep your online business up to date.

Orders & Tracking

Wholesale2b will automatically import your orders so you can process them without any manual input and without having to deal with a ton of suppliers. Process your orders directly from Wholesale2b.

E-Commerce Made Easy

Wether you already have a website or need a new site from scratch, we do it all. We can create a new turnkey website for you, or we can integrate our dropship products with your existing e-commerce website.

Our Dropship Services - What Can We Do For You?

In A Nutshell, Here Are The Services We Offer To Help You Grow Your Dropship Business

dropship on amazon
Import thousands of products in bulk to your Amazon store or to your eBay account as auctions or to your eBay store.

Listing Tools for eBay and Amazon

We can create a dropship website for you
We can create a Dropship Website for you, loaded with products, including admin, hosting & automated updates

Get Your Own Turnkey Website

Link your existing store with drop shippers
Import products to your existing store, Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, WooCommerce, Weebly

Import To Your Existing Store

download CSV files and UPC codes
Download CSV files with UPC, categories, prices & image zip files for Excel, Magento, Google, Bonanza, OpenCart

CSV Files + Product Images

Dropship Education

Dropship Education

Search our Dropship Help Articles & Video page to find helpful documents and videos about drop shipping and about our drop shipping services.

What is drop shipping

Read our Introduction to Drop Shipping Guide to quickly understand the concept of a dropship business.

Help articles and video tutorials

Search our Dropship Help Articles & Videos to find helpful documents and videos about drop shipping and about our drop shipping services.

We Proudly Work With The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Push products to eBay, Amazon or to your existing website or create a new store in just 1 business day

Few Sample Products With Lowest Dropship Prices

1,003,130 Products     /     106 Dropshippers

dropship Clothing category
Clothing category

Black Wrap Long Sleeve Bodysuit

List Price: $18.99
Wholesale: $9.09
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dropship pet category
Pets category

Multimedia Dogs Interactive Guide

List Price: $19.95
Wholesale: $0.69
View more categories

dropship handbag category
Handbag category

1969 Italia Womens Bag

List Price: $622.05
Wholesale: $152.00
View more categories

dropship perfume category
Perfume category

LAgent Eau De Parfum Spray

List Price: $113.10
Wholesale: $29.75
View more categories

What Clients Say?

We built our business based on customer's criticism. Good or bad, we take every comment seriously and convert them to positive action. Your dropship success is our mission.

Dropshipping Frequently Asked Questions

No you do not need to pay anything to view our products and wholesale prices. You simply need to sign up for a free account (no credit cards required) with no time limit. You can then take your time to review all our products and prices. You will only be charged if you decide to activate a dropship plan.
No, you do not need to provide any credit card when you sign up for the free account. You will only need to pay for a plan later on if you decide to activate a plan and start selling products.
No there is no limit so you can take your time to review the products and prices. You will only be charged when you decide to activate a dropship plan.
No this is not required. You do not need to sign up for an account with any of our drop shippers since we will handle orders with them for you. We will also handle returns and fetch tracking codes from the suppliers for you. This service is included with all our drop shipping plans.
YES. We can create a website from scratch for you, loaded with products from 3 suppliers of your choice. Our Website Plan includes a fully loaded website, hosting of your store, daily automated inventory updates, and we will even buy the domain name for you as long as you choose a non premium domain name :)
Yes we can load products to your existing store. If you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Weebly or Ecwid for your store then you can use our App. We have Dropship Apps for each of these e-commerce platforms which you can activate from your Wholesale2b account. If you are using a different platform like OpenCart or Magento, then you can activate our Dropship CSV plan instead.
Yes, we do provide CSV files and product images which can be downloaded with our Dropship CSV plan. You can activate this plan from your Wholesale2b account. With this plan you can download CSV files per supplier as well as product images.
Yes we do monitor inventory with all of our dropshipping plans. If an item runs out of stock then we will mark it as such in your eBay account, or Amazon account or your online store so you don't have to manage these updates manually. These updates will be automated for you.
yes you can. Currently we provide a custom datafeed for Bonanza so you will need to activate the Dropship CSV Plan to download our custom feeds for Bonanza.
Wholesale2b does not inflate the prices in any way. We pass on the exact same wholesale prices as given by each of our integrated suppliers.
Wholesale2b will charge a shipping cost based on what we need to pay our integrated suppliers. Some suppliers will charge more than others. Some will even offer free shipping in which case we will also offer the same free shipping. We do provide an easy way to find items with free shipping, or with very low shipping costs while browsing the products.
Wholesale2b can help you with shipping in the USA or Canada. For all other countries you can use a forwarder like myus.com