I spent years building relationships with reputable wholesalers, but my handful of wholesalers can't compare to the product range available with Wholesale2b!

Mark B. Posted on January, 2016

I thought launching my own Amazon store would be difficult, but with this simple system it couldn't be easier.

Jennifer G. Posted on November, 2015

Not only did I make my first few sales my first week after launching my ecommerce website, but I was able to quit my part time job.

Addison L. Posted on September, 2015

I have been trying to find a legitimate way to make a secondary income online for years. Not only is this a realistic and easy way to earn, but ecommerce is doing nothing but growing - so it is a timeless way to earn!

Charlie N. Posted on August, 2015

I opened my eBay store to capitalize on the holiday sales, and thought the sales would stop coming in after the holidays, but they didn't! I'm getting ready to expand to Amazon and my own website too.

Jessica S. Posted on February, 2015

I wanted to write in to thank you for making my life just that much easier! Wholesale2b.com really takes all the difficulties out of running a business. Things got off to a slow start but once they got going we haven't slowed down since. Selling with them through eBay has been breeze and I would recommend them to everyone. It's so nice to have this extra income now! Again thank you for everything you do to help and keep up the good work!

J. Livingstone Posted on December, 2014

Wholesale2b.com really does have everything you need to run a drop ship business! They say this on their website but unlike what most sites claim they can do wholesale2b can actually do it! With their services I started making money right away. I was actually blown away by how quickly my first sale came in, and then the next and the next! I know I wouldn't have gotten the sales or been able to keep up without their help.

Amanda C. Posted on November, 2014

Forgive my English spelling. I am French speaking originaly from Quebec, Canada! Wholesale2b.com is an amazing website to start selling online. All you need is here: More than 1,500,000 products in data feeds updated daily, easy integration for many platforms and what about the service! Mike is always here to help you out! I signed up with Wholesale2b in February 2013 and i'm making profit more than 50$ a day. Not bad for just a starter! Wholesale2b.com is a infinite powerfull tool for your dropshipping business. My adventure with wholesale2b.com have just started and will continue in a stronger way with my new electronics e-commerce website. With wholesale2b.com you will not regret your choice!

Yvon - Amazon Seller Posted on April, 2013

I first signed up with Wholesale2b in Nov 2011 and I can honestly say, there is not a better dropshipping site available anywhere. Wholesale2b has great customer service, top brand products, dependable wholesale suppliers and the largest selection of quality products online anywhere. Believe me, I have tried several other dropship websites and nothing even comes close to what you get at Wholesale2b. Anytime I have a question or need help, they have been very kind and helpful and always respond, usually within 24hrs, From time to time, I have had ideas of different ways I wanted to customize my website and they implemented the customizations for me, just the way I wanted. They update all products daily, They work hard to keep our sites competitive and add new features on a regular basis for the latest SEO.. And if there is ever an issue with anything at all, they are quick to care of it. I was impressed from the beginning at how easy they make owning your own dropship store. You have the option of ordering directly from wholesale suppliers and getting a discount on the already low prices, or Wholesale2b will process the orders for you. The website comes preloaded with products, which is great. They provided everything you need directly within the Admin Panel of your website. No more copying/pasting products. They also will create a custom datafeed of your entire inventory for you to submit your products to the top shopping sites online. This is great since is updated daily to reflect any changes made to your site. Compared to all the other dropship sites I've tried, Wholesale2b is a class act and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone

Michelle - Online Seller Posted on February, 2013

I don't say this lightly, I have been involved with internet marketing and websites for over 10 years and you guys have by far the BEST SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANYONE I HAVE EVER HAD DEALINGS WITH. While trying to set up this site I tried and paid for 3 others that all were terrible to say the least. Your site was working first time when you said it would. I highly recommend you. Thanks,

Bob Barker Posted on October, 2012

This is my first online store and I had lots of questions. For one, I just had no idea how to set up a shopping cart to my merchant account. The service at Wholesale2b talk me through the entire process, without losing patience at all the problems I was causing.

If you're new to drop shipping or just want all the bells and whistles and top quality customer service you just can't go wrong. Wholesale2b answered all my questions in a quick, friendly and timely manor.

Jeff Bricker, MacDaddy Posted on May, 2012

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