Need more time to pay for your Dropship Plan or for the products you are selling?

We are happy to bring to your attention, the new financing option that has been offered by Paypal called Bill Me Later. It is a service that allows you to pay for something at a later date. This is convenient especially in running a Dropship business in cases where you cannot wait for your credit card or for Paypal or for Amazon to release your funds before placing your order.

This new service is beneficial for you as a member of wholesale2b. There are several ways that you can take advantage of it.

Get 6 months financing with Paypal

Get 6 months financing on your Dropship Yearly Plan, and when you place orders for Dropship Products above $99.

The problem of not having enough money immediately is now a thing of the past. By using Bill Me Later, you will be able to get the funds needed to ensure that the business runs efficiently.

It can also be used in cases such as when a seller's payment is blocked by either Paypal or Amazon for 10 days. This normally happens until the time the tracking code will be provided. You (the seller) will still have a chance to process the order even before getting funds from the buyer.

This financing option may also be used for any of our Yearly Dropship Plans (monthly plans are not eligible). This will give you a chance to get started with a brand new online business without having to pay ANYTHING up front.

You will have a full 6 months to pay for your wholesale2b yearly plan without any interest.

This is very convenient and immensely helpful because you can immediately start a new business and start running it without spending a dime. Bill me later has made things easier for beginners and you should certainly take advantage of it.



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