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Our BigCommerce Importing Tool
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It will send the tracking codes back to your BigCommerce store
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Wholesale2b BigCommerce Importing Tool

Our new BigCommerce importing tool will help you import products from drop shippers directly to your BigCommerce store with almost no effort and with no technical knowledge. All you need to do is choose the products you want to import from our list of over 1 MILLION dropship products and build your list.

Once you have added the items you wish to import to your list, just turn ON your list and our BigCommerce listing tool will automatically load the products to your BigCommerce store keep the inventory updates in synch with your store every day. You won't have to worry about manually importing files every day to keep your store up to date. All this will be done automatically for you.

There is a limit of 10,000 products per account. A limit is imposed to avoid having every member flood BigCommerce with the same products.

Use our BigCommerce Listing tool to upload dropship products to your BigCommerce store

Use the new BigCommerce App to link your BigCommerce store with over 100 drop shippers

Easily control your products on BigCommerce

  • Setup markups on prices as you wish
  • Control the shipping costs as you wish
  • Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items
  • Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique on your website
  • View your estimated profit/losses
  • Access your daily submission logs
  • Process orders with just 1 click (no other action required)
  • Tracking codes are automatically sent to your Shopify website
  • Daily updates are sent to your Shopify website every day
  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you
  • Change your list anytime you wish (add/remove products)
  • Push your entire list of products to Shopify with just 1 click
  • Remove products in bulk based on price range

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