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Our Amazon plan will handle daily inventory updates straight to your Amazon account. Our system will even send the tracking codes automatically to Amazon once your order is shipped.

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Need Proof? Read Below...

During the months of May and June we tested our latest Amazon Dropship Tool to see if it would yield any results. We simply picked random categories and submitted a few thousand items.

To be clear, our Amazon account was brand new with no history of sales.
Well, in 2 months only we generated $5,175.47 in gross sales.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the total gross sales came up to $5,175.47 in just 2 months. You can also see that we ran another two weeks test in December of last year and made over $833.65. You can also see that the products came from a wide variety of categories. This test was not focused on any specific product niche. In fact products were randomly chosen.

Amazon is a wonderfull place to sell and I encourage everyone to give it a honest try. As a BONUS, I will include a link to my Tips & Recommendations for selling on Amazon. This will include step by step instructions on how to use our new Amazon Dropship Plan as well as clear instructions on how we configured it to avhieve the sales results shown in the screenshot above.

Matching UPC/ASIN Problem Solved!

Avoid Problems When Amazon Mismatches UPC Codes With The Wrong ASIN Numbers - Avoid This Common Problem With Amazon

UPC codes are universal code numbers used throughout the markplaces however Amazon uses its own internal item numbers referred to as ASIN numbers. Amazon will try to match the UPC codes of your imported products to its own database of products to locate the corresponding ASIN number which is then used to display the item name and image. Occasionally Amazon will mistatch the UPC with the wrong ASIN number which can results in problems with pricing.

Our new Amazon Push tool fixes this issue in two ways
A) We pre-validate many of the items for Amazon by assigning the correct ASIN numbers to each item
B) You will also have the ability to validate your list of items by comparing items from your list with the Amazon product images and item names as matched using the UPC code.

Wholesale2b Amazon Listing Tool

Our new Amazon push tool will help you push dropship products to your Amazon account with truely just one CLICK! You won't have to worry about importing datafeeds every day to keep your products up to date.

Once you have setup your list of items, our Amazon push tool will automatically update your Amazon account with proper inventory changes for each of the products on your list so you won't to worry about selling out of stock products.

There is a limit of 10,000 products per account. A limit is imposed to avoid having every member flood Amazon with the same products. This will give everyone a chance to build a unique list of products to sell on Amazon and enjoy a steady flow of orders.

Use our Amazon Listing tool to push products to Amazon
We provide automated listing of dropship products on Amazon

Control your listing with precision

  • Setup markups on prices as you wish
  • Control the shipping costs as you wish
  • Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items
  • View your esitmated profit/losses with just 1 click
  • Access your daily submission logs
  • Process orders with just 1 click (no other action requried)
  • Tracking codes are automatically sent to your Amazon account
  • Avoid problems with Amazon matching UPC codes with wrong ASIN numbers
  • Pre-validated products with proper ASIN
  • Daily updates are applied to your Amazon account
  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you
  • Change your list anytime you wish (add/remove products)
  • Push your entire list of products to Amazon with just 1 click
  • Remove products in bulk based on price range

Common Q&A about our Amazon Dropship Plan


How do I get paid for the item I sold on Amazon?

Amazon will capture the payments from your buyers for you. Once you have processed the order and once the tracking code is provided to Amazon, they will deposit your profits into your Bank account.

When you first signup for a Professional Amazon Seller account, you will be guided on how to link your account with your Bank so Amazon can deposit your profits.

How do I ship the product to my Amazon buyer?

Wholesale2b will automatically grab your Amazon orders and import them into your wholesale2b account. You will recieve an email both from wholesale2b and from Amazon when you sold an item. Then all you need to do is login to your account and click on the left menu AMAZON ORDER HISTORY.

It is strongly recommended that you first review the order detail to make sure that the item sold matches the item in our portal. To perform this taks, simply click on the order number to access the order detail page. From this page you will see both our product image and the Amazon product image as well as our item name and Amazon item name. Simpy compare both to make sure they are the same.

Then to process the order, simply click on the blue button ORDER NOW next to each pending order and follow the checkout steps. Our team will process the order for you once you complete the payment of the wholesale price + shipping & fees.

Do I need to send tracking codes to Amazon?

One of the main advantages of our Amazon Dropship Plan is that we automate the import of tracking codes to your Amazon account. This means that tracking codes will be sent to your Amazon account as soon as they are provided by the supplier, thus you will avoid any delays.

As you know Amazon is very rigorous when it comes to shipping on time, so this feature will certainly help you keep Amazon happy at all time.

What is the Advanced Credit payment option?

The advanced payment credit option allows you to keep some credit in your account for large orders. For example if you are selling expensive items then you will be required to pay with a wire bank ransfer which may take a few days. To avoid any delays, you can send us a wire transfer for any amount of your choice and we will keep it as buying credit in your Wholesale2b account.

This method of payment only applies to expensive items and to members from a foreighn country (other than USA and Canada).

What type of Amazon account do I need?

You will need to signup for a Professional Amazon Seller account.

Amazon offers a free 30 days trial so if you don't have an account already, simply signup for a Professional Seller Account by clicking on the Sell As A Professional button.

Can I control the prices?

Yes absoutely. You will be able to control the prices of items on your list with a global markup or by changing prices of items individually.

You will also be able to choose from various markup methods so you can fine tune the prices as you wish.

How do I handle returns?

We will help you with each return request. You simply need to inform us of the order number and the reason for the return. We will also need to know if your buyer wants a refund or if your buyer prefers to return the item for an exchange.

Our team will then contact the supplier to get a RMA number along with the return address which we will pass on to you. You can then inform your Amazon buyer to follow the same instructions and a refund will be issued as per the supplier return policy once the item is received at their warehouse.

How can I forecast my profits?

Once you have setup your markups and made changes to your prices, you will be able to see your estimated profits by clicking on a button titled "show estimated profits".

This feature is great because you will immediately see which items will yield positive profits and which ones will yield negative profits, in which case you can make an immediate change on those prices to address the issue.

Then simply click on the link "submit list now" and watch your prices change on Amazon wihtin 20 minutes.

Which country should I sell to?

Currently our Amazon plan is for USA Amazon accounts only so for this plan you will only be able to sell in the USA. We can help you with orders in the USA and Canada. If you want to ship to other countries you will need to process your orders directly with the suppliers.

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