1. Just pick the products you want to sell from our dropship catalog

2. Then click on 1 link to push all your chosen products to Amazon

3. Wait for orders to come in.

4. Click on 1 button to process each order

5. We then handle the order and we'll send the tracking code to Amazon

6. We will also update your Amazon account daily to avoid selling out of stock items


How Does Amazon Work?

The first thing you will need to do is get an Amazon account. This is required so you can push products to Amazon. If you already have an Amazon account then you are 80% done already! To signup for an Amazon account, goto http://sellercentral.amazon.com.

Amazon is one of the supreme ecommerce sites out there. If you trust them with helping your online business sell products, then you can use their expertise and skills to help expand your business. There are many advantages to using Amazon as your marketplace.

First off, it is easier for customers to find your products and then purchase them. If you had your own "difficult to find" website, then you would sell less products than you can on Amazon. People know that Amazon is trustworthy, and lots of people will go here first if they want to buy a new product.

It is also very convenient for your customers. As long as they have an Amazon account, they can make their purchases quickly and easily, because they have already put their preferred payment method when they activated their account.

Going along with how trustworthy Amazon is, customers will be more likely to buy from you if you sell your products on Amazon. They are confident in the security that Amazon provides, but they can't be sure if they are buying from your little known online store if you don't use Amazon. You can show your company off to the whole wide world, or at least the millions that shop on Amazon each day.

Another huge upside is that it costs absolutely nothing to list your product. Utilizing this, alongside the low processing fees that Amazon charges, maximizes the profitability of your company.

The last big advantage to using Amazon is you can easily create a sleek and professional catalogue for your products. This entices the customers to buy from you because your catalogue oozes with legitimacy.

Automate Your Amazon Listing With Wholesale2b

Here are wholesale2b we make your Amazon experience quite a bit easier when it comes to sellind dropship products.

We offer a premium and vast amount of dropship products data via our dropship catalog. Basically, with our Amazon Dropship Plan we can provide you with an Amazon Listing Tool that will automate daily inventory updates to your Amazon account. Simply pick the products you want to sell and import your list to Amazon with just 1 click!

This makes uploading products so much easier because you do not have to go looking for stock photographs or write a lengthy description of your product. Say goodbye to dealing with importing datafeeds every week to keep your products up to date. This will all be automated for you.

We will even push the tracking codes for each of your orders to Amazon for you, so you are sure to get tracking codes to Amazon as quickly as possible.

Overall, Amazon is one of the most widely used and effective ecommerce solutions on the Internet. If you use wholesale2b.com you can greatly improve Amazon's ease of use and remove a lot of stress from your shoulders.

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