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Your WoocCommerce orders should be imported to wholesale2b automatically. There are 3 webhooks created specifically for this purpose.
Here are most common scenarios when orders are not imported to wholesale2b.
1. The webhooks are removed from store admin
You may login to store admin and then click on WooCommerce > Settings >Advanced. Then click on "Webhooks" link.

If the webhooks are present then make sure, the webhook Status should be "Active".

2. Your server preventing call to webhook URL
3. There is some kind of error while executing webhook

So if you face the issue of order not being imported to wholesale2b, then first thing you need to test is, change the order status to "ON HOLD" then wait for few minutes and then again change the order status to "PROCESSING".

This should trigger the order import process. Then check if you see order at wholesale2b.
If you see order in wholesal2b then there is definitely something stopping the webhook being triggered automatically when order is placed.
You should check log to see if there is any error.

If you do not see anything in log, then you should contact your hosting service provider support to see what is blocking webhooks.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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