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There are a few scenarios to consider when determining who will pay for the shipping cost on returns.

In most cases, the buyer will request a return if the item ordered is broken or if the drop shipper shipped the wrong item. In such cases, the supplier will typically cover the shipping cost by providing a return label. A return label will be emailed to you, which you can then print and stick to the box so you won't have to pay any shipping fee.

Return labels can only be approved by the drop shipping supplier and are usually issued when the supplier made a mistake, meaning the wrong item was shipped or the wrong size or wrong colour were shipped. In some cases the supplier may also provide a return label if the item is defective upon receipt.

In a case where the buyer simply does not want the item, or wishes to exchange the item for a different one, then no shipping label will be provided and the buyer will be required to pay the shipping fee for returning the item to the supplier. In this case the buyer should always provide us with the tracking code of the return shipment so we can monitor the delivery back to the supplier and insure that the refund is issued promptly.

Please also note that some drop shippers may also charge a 20% restocking fee on returns. This fee only applies for non-damaged items that are returned; for example in a case where the buyer decides to exchange an item for a different one, or for a different size or colour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in every return cases, you must always create a support ticket from your wholesale2b.com account and inform us of the order number and the reason for the return. Our fulfilment team will then provide you with the RMA number, the address where to return the item and the return label if its applicable. You should never ask your buyer to return the item without a RMA number otherwise it will be rejected and no refunds will be issued. Just inform us, and let our team guide you step by step.

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