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When products are loaded to your Shopify store, the shipping cost will not be included in the price by default. This means that your buyers will be paying the shipping cost which you have already configured in your Shopify store.

Since every supplier is different, and shipping costs may vary for each supplier, we recommend that you turn ON the COMBINE SHIPPING option instead of letting your store calculate the shipping cost.

Enabling the COMBINE SHIPPING option will add the shipping cost to the selling prices of each item on your list so you will be sure that the correct shipping cost is paid on each order.

To turn ON the COMBINE SHIPPING just login to your Wholesale2b account and go to your Shopify plan page. Then click on the OPTION link located at the top of your list and in the popup you will see an option to turn ON the COMBINE SHIPPING option. Simply tick the ON option and click SAVE.

Although the shipping prices will still be displayed separately in your Shopify list, the actual prices of each item will be pushed to your store including the shipping costs. This will take a few hours to complete depending on the size of your list.

Once you start seeing the new prices in your store, you can then remove any shipping costs from your Shopify store admin which will essentially offer FREE shipping on all items in your store.

Not only will your buyer's like to see FREE shipping, but you will also be safe in knowing that the shipping cost will always be covered with the correct charge.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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