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When using the Wholesale2b Shopify App, all changes to products such as prices, titles, descriptions or category mapping should be done from your Wholesale2b account. This is required because your Wholesale2b Shopify List is considered as your main source for the products on your list.

As such, if you make any price changes, or title changes or description changes or category changes directly from your Shopify Admin then those changes will be overwritten the next time your Wholesale2b List is synched with your store.

To avoid this issue please make sure that you do these changes directly from your Wholesale2b account.

You can access your Shopify List from your Wholesale2b account by clicking on the top green button Shopify Plan.

Then to change titles or descriptions just click on the small EDIT icon located under the item name column. On the next page you can change the item title or description as you wish and click SAVE. Those changes will then be pushed to your store shortly after your list is synched with your store.

To make changes to your categories, just click on the link "Category Mapping" located at the top of your list. This will take you to a category mapping page where you can make changes to the category names and match them to the categories that you are using in your store.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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