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Wholesale2b can only help you with orders in the USA or Canada. We do not get involved with shipments to other countries due to issues can arise due to high shipping costs, long shipping delays and potential issues with customs. There might also be issues with electronic related items due to the difference in voltage.

Please also note that the majority of the suppliers that we integrate with are physically located in the USA with the exception of a few suppliers. Also note that the prices provided by Wholesale2b are in USD currency for all dropship products.

You can still run a dropship business even if you are located outside the USA since we will handle the orders with the dropship suppliers for you, as long as you target the USA or CANADA marketplaces.

If you still wish to ship to other countries you have a few options:

A) you can use a forwarder such as myus.com. They will help you with the forwarding of orders to your international customers

B) you can place your international orders directly with the suppliers in which case you need to signup for a reseller account with each of your chosen suppliers. Please note that not all suppliers can ship to international countries.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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