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With the wholesale2b Ecwid DROPSHIP PLAN you can push thousands of products to your Ecwid website very easily. You simply need to install the WHOLESALE2B ECWID APP and follow the instructions on this page.

Once you have installed the App in your Ecwid store, you simply need to build the list of items you wish to push to Ecwid by browse our dropship products. We have well over 1 million products from over 100 different suppliers. Just pick the products you want and add them to your Ecwid list and let our tool import the products to your store.

How to add products to your Ecwid list?

You can add products to Ecwid list in 2 ways, either in bulk or individual. While adding products in bulk you will also have the option of specifying the price range as a filter when adding products from a specific supplier.

To add all products from any supplier supplier to your Ecwid list

Step 1. Click on the top menu "Dropship Suppliers". See Screenshot

Step 2. Click on the Ecwid Icon next to any supplier of your choice

Step 3. Click on Confirm. See Screenshots

Adding products in bulk from a specific category

You can add all items from any category as well. Click on the top menu DROPSHIP PRODUCTS and click on a category of your choice until you reach the product list page. On this page you can click on the link "Add all items from this category to Ecwid item list". See screenshot

Adding products individually to your Ecwid list

You can also add items individually if you wish by clicking on the Ecwid link located below any item on the product list page. See Screenshot

Similarly you can also add individual product by clicking on the Ecwid link located at the top right corner of any product detail page. See Screenshot

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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