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By default the prices on your site will be the MSRP prices for each item. You can lower these prices by configuring a markup on your wholesale prices.

To setup a markup on your prices, please go to the menu PRICING & PAYMENTS => MARKUP PRICES => MARKUP YOUR WHOLESALE PRICES.

For example if you setup a markup of 40% then the prices on your site will be set to your wholesale prices + 40%.

We recommend that you use a Tier Markup Percentage instead of a fixed percentage markup since your items vary from low to high prices.

With the tiered markup option, you can set different markups on price ranges of your choice. You can choose to use a percentage (i recommend) or a fixed amount for 9 tiers of your choice. No gaps should be left in between each price tier. Here is an example:

$0 - $10 = 120% markup
$10.01 - $30 = 90% markup
$30.01 - $50 = 51% markup
$50.01 - $60 = 45.5% markup
$60.01 - $70 = 44% markup
$70.01 - $80 = 43% markup
$80.01 - $90 = 41% markup
$90.01 - $100 = 40% markup
$100.01 - $99999 = 35% markup

Of course the numbers above are examples only. You are free to set the price ranges of your choice as well as the markups of your choice to fine tuned your prices with precision.

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