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For those that do now know, eBay has a minimum eBay sizing requirement. This means that when you create auctions on eBay you are required to use a large image so that buyers can have a clear view of the product they are buying.

Now, although this is a requirement it is not imposed. This means that you can still create your auction even if the image is smaller than the minimum sizing requirement suggested by eBay.

If you are selling products from suppliers that are integrated in wholesale2b.com, then you will find that some items may be smaller than the minimum sizing requirement. In this case you will see a warning message when you try to push such an item. Please don't panic. This is just a warning message to inform you that the image is smaller than the minimum size. When this occurs simply acknowledge the warning message and proceed with the push.

Not all the suppliers have larger images for eBay but many do. If you wish to find only products that have large images for eBay, then what you can do is click on the top menu Dropship Suppliers and find those suppliers with a YES under the column "images for eBay". Then you can click on the product count link to browse products by supplier. This will allow you to quickly find products from suppliers that do provide large images.

Again, you can still push items with smaller images, but if you want to avoid the warning message then simply use the tip above to quickly find products that have larger images.

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