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QUICK DEFINITION: Drop shipping gives you the ability to sell products without having to stock any inventory.

When you think of selling products online, the first thing that comes to mind are websites like eBay and Amazon.

Typically when people think of eBay they immediately assume that eBay is mostly for people selling things from their garage or selling products that are physically in their possession.

With Amazon, most people will think of books or that most items on Amazon are sold by actual suppliers, just like a real physical store.

Well the fact is that most products on eBay and Amazon are actually being sold by normal individual using a drop shipping business model. Drop shipping has actually been around for quite some time and many people are enjoying the benefits of this business model every day and so can you.


So what is drop shipping exactly and how can you get started?

The definition of drop shipping is a very simple one. The general concept of drop shipping allows an individual to put an item up for sale on sites like eBay or Amazon, without actually physically having the product.

Furthermore, you actually don't even need to buy the products up front before selling them. With the drop shipping approach, you can sell any products from any dropship supplier without having to pay for any product up front. You simply pay the wholesale price + shipping cost after you made a sale so there is no up front investment, and no warehouse to manage.


The main advantages of selling products from a drop shipper is below:

1- No up front investment required to pay for wholesale products
2- No warehouse to manage therefore no employees to manage
3- No time wasted on packing and shipping products.


Although its hard to think of any disadvantages using drop shippers, there are a few important things to keep in mind which are very important for the success of a business using a drop shipping approach. The main disadvantages of using a drop shipper are listed below:

1- You need to find a reliable drop shipper that will ship reliable products on time, to keep your buyers happy
2- You need to ensure that you don't sell products that run out of stock

As with any business, keeping your customers happy is extremely important. Happy buyers will become repetitive buyers which is key to growing your business. The more positive reviews you get, the faster you will grow your business therefore finding a supplier that is reliable is extremely important.

You should also consider the physical location of your supplier. If you are going to target buyers in the USA and you use a supplier that ships from China, then shipping time might be longer and returns might be more difficult to manage, as opposed to using a supplier with a warehouse in the USA.


Yes, absolutely. If you are using sites like eBay and Amazon to sell your products, then you won't need to hire any marketing guru because those sites already get thousands of hits everyday. Why not leverage from the success of these large websites to your own benefit!

Also, since the packing and shipping will be totally handled by the supplier, you won't have to make runs to your local post office to ship products one by one. All the shipping will be handled by the suppliers so you can focus your time on finding new suppliers, and growing your online sales.

This also means that you can physically be located anywhere in the world and still be able to enjoy the profits from your online sales.


The most common reason why most people don't succeed is lack of patience. Many people expect instant results which can happen from time to time, but should not be expected all the time. Just like any type of business, time and patience are both very important ingredients to achieve success.

At wholesale2b.com, we already have over 100 dropship companies integrated in our website so getting a membership with wholesale2b will save you a lot of time. Not only will you get immediate access to over one million dropship products, but you will also be able to fulfil your orders directly from one account as well as manage your returns.


1- Immediate access to products from over 100 suppliers, all from one single account
2- There is no need to contact any supplier directly
3- You get the same wholesale prices as if you were dealing directly with the suppliers
4- Manage all your orders and returns from just one single account
5- Wholesale2b offers many dropship plans that will integrate with eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and more marketplaces
6- Wholesale2b can also create a turnkey website using any domain name of your choice

If drop shipping is something that you want to consider, then get a free account with wholesale2b.com because we can help start making money from the comfort of your own home. Just signups or a free account and review the products offered by all our integrated suppliers. Then just pick your dropship plan and start selling immediately.

Our team of experts will help you each step of the way.

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