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The Wholesale2b App for WooCommerce automated the import and the removal of products from tons of drop ship suppliers.

Basically you simply need to build your list of items from your W2B account and let our App synch the changes to your store. There is no other action needed.

Our App will also synch up any price fluctuations and inventory changes made by the supplier. Those changes will automatically be pushed to your store with no action required on your end.

Now if you wish to make your own changes, meaning a price change or removing a product or adding new items, then you must perform these changes from your list only. Do not make those changes directly in your store because they will get overwritten by our App the next time your list is synched with your store.

The list of products you build from your Wholesale2b account is considered as your main source of products so any changes you wish to make that relates to our products should be done from that list only.

Please also note that our App will not interfere with your own products should you have products in your store from other drop shippers or suppliers. Our app will only synch up the changes for the items which are included in your list.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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