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Yes you can. All our data feeds can be opened with Excel.

With the data feed plan you can access to all of our supplier CSV files. The feeds are provide on a per supplier basis so you can download one CSV file per supplier and they will include all the product data including the item name, description, category, list price, wholesale price, inventory, weight, shopping cost, and much more.

The CSV file is a file type that is compatible with Excel so you can easily open the feeds from your computer to review them if you wish.

We also provide custom feeds. Custom feeds are feeds that can also be read with Excel however they are arranged in a different way to ensure that they are compatible with the website where you wish to upload the feed. Every website may have different requirements for feeds so we can provide a variety of custom feeds depending on where you wish to use them. For example a feed for Shopify will be different than a feed for Bonanza or Woocommerce or Bigcommerce. They are all require that the feed be arranged according to their specifications.

With our data feed plan you gain immediate access to all our supplier feeds in a standard CSV format PLUS 3 custom feed of your choice. Additional feeds are only $8.99/month. When adding a custom feed to your account you will see the list of templates that are available so you simply need to choose which one you need and click save.

All new custom feeds take 24 hours to be created. Then they can be downloaded directly from your wholesale2b account or with a download URL.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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