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Hi, please help me to remove all the products from the list. I would like to rebuild it.
There are several ways to delete products from your Amazon list.

You can remove items individually by clicking on the RED X on the right side

You can remove products in bulk by clicking the small grey DELETE button located on the top of the list. You will see a popup with options such as delete by price range, or delete items with a negative profit, etc. If you want to remove all items, then choose the price range option and enter $0 to $9999 and click SAVE. This will essentially mark all items on your list to be removed. Then click on the link “submit list now” and wait about 30 minutes for all items to be removed from your list.

You can click on the top link AMAZON PRODUCTS, and then locate a supplier on the list and click on the trashcan icon on the right side of the page. This will allow you to delete all the products from your list from a given supplier.

When the items are first marked for Delete you will see a Red Circle on the right side of each item. Then once the list is pushed with the daily push to Amazon, those products will then be removed from your list. This is done on purpose to keep both your Amazon account in synch with your Amazon list.

The push is done 1/day so you will need to wait 24 hours however if you click on the link "submit list now" located at the top of the list, then you will only need to wait about 30 minutes for your list to be cleaned up. Please make sure that your list is turned ON.

If you still want to contact us please login to your account and from top click "Contact Us".
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