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Wholesale2b has deployed a new Dropshipping App For ECWID that will synch your ECWID store with products from any of our integrated Dropshipping.

This App lets you browse our catalog of dropship products and choose which items you wish to sell. You can import entire Dropshipping, or entire categories or single items to your list.

You can also control your prices with global markups, and map your store categories and much more.

Our new App will also automatically synch your store with the inventory updates so y our store will always be up to date with the Dropshipping inventory. Our App will also import orders automatically into your Wholesale2b account so you can do the order fulfilment with just one click. Our team will then handle your orders with the Dropshipping for you and we will send the tracking codes back to your store automatically for you.

CLICK HERE for more details about our ECWID App.

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