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Today we integrated a new drop shipping supplier called Wildswood.com. This new suppliers offers an amazing selection of exceptionally handcrafted wooden watches.  Wilds wooden watches are handmade by highly-skilled craftsman, creating a more unique style with lightweight wood which radiates a faint but pleasing aroma from the natural musky scent of the wood.

Please take the time to review these new products as they will make a perfect gifts for this year Holidays.

These new products have already been integrated in Wholesale2b and they are immediately made available for drop shipping to all our members.

To start selling these products, simply login to your Wholesale2b account and use your active plan to import these products to your website or chosen marketplace. As always we will handle all orders with the supplier for you as well as coordinate returns.

Supplier details:

Supplier URL: http://www.wildswood.com
This supplier provides UPC codes: NO
This supplier has images that comply with ebay policy: YES
This supplier ships from: AUSTRALIA
This supplier ships to: USA, CANADA

Here are some sample dropship products from this drop shipper:

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CLICK HERE to browse their products.

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