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Today we have implemented new feature to import shopify orders instantly to your Wholesale2b account. This means that as soon as you receive a new order from your shopify store, the order will be imported automatically into your Wholesale2b account without any delay.

The order details will also be imported so you won’t have to manually input any detail to process your orders. You just need to click on the ORDER NOW link which will be displayed next to each new pending orders.

- To see your new orders just login to your Wholesale2b account and click on the button YOUR ORDER HISTORY.

- Then click on the link NEW located below the Shopify title to see your new orders.

- Then click on the link ORDER NOW located next to your order and review the order page and complete the payment of the order.

Once we receive your payment we will handle the drop ship order with the supplier for you and we will then send the tracking code back to your store automatically. Please DO NOT CHANGE THE STATUS of your order from your Shopify store. Just let our system handle the status update for you otherwise this will break the flow of the order fulfillment.

Please note that depending on the supplier, tracking codes can take a few days. In most cases tracking codes are provided within 2 business days however some supplier may take more time.

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