This holiday, online shopping is expected to go through the roof due to movement restrictions. As many as 67% of consumers plan to complete holiday shopping online.

And this is the perfect time to start your dropshipping journey. Now, one thing we know for sure is that to run a successful online dropshipping business, we must have a well-equipped e-commerce website. A website which lets us sell the products at ease, and helps the customers purchase the products easily.

When we talk about getting your own online store, there are plenty of options in the sea. However, there are two dominant options that stand out: Shopify and WooCommerce.

Even though Wholesale2B’s automated dropshipping tools integrate with both of them, we can’t help but be a sucker for the vast features that WooCommerce offers over Shopify. But WooCommerce has some things majorly lacking: it doesn’t work as fast as Shopify with thousands of products unless you have a robust hosting server, doesn’t offer purely e-commerce centric options, and has a learning curve if you want to efficiently manage both the store’s backend and the frontend design.

But like we said, we are sucker for WooCommerce, hence the team at Wholesale2B took upon itself to build a solution that will offer more e-commerce specific features on top of the core WooCommerce framework. This includes ready-made store designs & layouts, easy-to-navigate backend, search engine optimization integration, infinite ability to customize your online store, and easy integration of Wholesale2B’s automated dropshipping tools with your store.

Say Hi to our Premium Website Plan!

If you want a piece of the giant eCommerce pie, our “Premium Website Plan” is the best dropshipping solution there is.

Wholesale2B vs WooCommerce
WooCommerce vs Wholesale2B

Here are just a few things included in our Premium Website Plan (which is built on top of the open-source WooCommerce framework):

  • Free Domain Name – or use your own
  • Free business Email address
  • Thousands of dropshipping products to Import
  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Free dedicated cloud hosting with unlimited bandwidth & SSL certificate
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Real-time Website Customizer
  • Google Analytics, AdSense, Webmasters integrations
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Mails
    and much more!

Setting up a dropshipping store is not easy. But, with this plan, say goodbye to all the hustle and sleepless nights.

Sign up today! It’s a simple 2 step process, and you should be up and running in no time. Enjoy the WooCommerce platform that you’re used to, but with a more refined e-commerce friendly approach.

Click here to sign up for a Wholesale2B account right away.


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